Where is Credders

Chicogiz said:
i need advice of credders where is he?
That's a very good question. At this very moment Sgtpepperband and his merry band of crushers are out searching for Credders, last seen nimbly ironing his white front somewhere in Scotland. :)

We are all awaiting, with bated breath, his tales of daring-do...

See: http://www.rumration.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/t=10736/highlight=Credders.html

Personally I think Credders should be offered honorary membership of the RNA...

Head down, awaiting flak.... ;)
skimmer said:
What's RNAC & who is Credders?
RNAC is the Royal Navy Acquaint Course, a 4 day course to give you a taste of the RN.

For a taste of Credders aka Creddly, here is one of his classics...

Creddly at his best

He went of to RNAC a couple of weeks ago and hasn't been heard of since!

Hope he stops by soon to fill us in!!! We do miss him so ^_^;


Lantern Swinger
Thanks Kiwi, must have brought this in after my time.Good idea though but does it give an insight to life after basic training?
skimmer said:
Good idea though but does it give an insight to life after basic training?
Pretty much. It lessens the culture shock of those joining Raleigh and having to use small lockers to keep their stuff in, living with a group of other people etc, and a ship or boat visit is also usually included.

If you want to know more about RNAC, there is a lot of good info on the RN site.


There are also plans to open one in the Southwest.
I've had a boring few days and am thinking some of his posts might liven things up, anyone know what happened to him?????
Maybe he's in cells in HMS Caledonia awaiting sentencing for bringing a holdall big enough to hold 10,000 iPods?

Poor Creddly... come back mate... if you've decided against joining the RN, it doesn't matter.... honest! :)
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