Where i am at the moment


I have passed the written test, medical, interview, PJFT, filled in security form about 2 weeks ago.

Where do i stand from here and whats the next stage. How long will security clearance take.

If all ok what happens then.




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Your Careers Adviser will normally have told you the drill - don't be afraid to give him/her a ring if you are at any stage unsure - it's their job.

After passing PJFT & initiating SC, assuming there are no other selection elements to complete, an entry date will be requested online. Depending on the branch, you're normally notified about 6 to 9 months ahead of entry and allocated a PRNC within 6 months prior to entry.

Obviously branches with a shorter wait are allocated sooner.

SC usually takes about 4-8 weeks to gain - you can check progress on the nsv.mod.uk portal by logging in.
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