Where have all the Newbies gone?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by janner, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Has someone being culling them, hardly a post from them this week
  2. Some of them may be mid-GCSE or mid-AS/A-Level, Janner, I suppose.
  3. As it is national deafblind week, I would imagine that due to the average IQ of the current newbie, their squishy little brains have processed that in it's literal form and lost the power to see and hear until Sunday.

    With any luck, during national use your fucking initiative week the same thing will happen.
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Perhaps they have finally run out of bone questions to ask.
  5. Can't be me and Stan, were the good guys.
    Fuck you have the same affect on Newbies as Caustic soda in drains.
    Clear em out to gainful employment at UPS goods inwards.
  6. And as a codicil its about time you told us a dit, you must have done/seen something in your 20 odd years man and beast.
    I'll listen even if you spin it in a porridge accent.
  7. I ain't grumpy I just wanna dit from you.
    And with my surname I can't make porridge wog jokes.
    And I thought you had been in 20 odd years. Another 20 fuck sake what did you do?
    And I swear to god the Andrew was not as much fun when I was serving as it seems it was now I ain't. Hills grass other side and all that.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Which one? we are losing count there's so many.

    I reckon come tonight (tommorrow for all you upside down people) there'll be a bored bone newbie asking a boring bone question. My guess is it'll be one of these three topics.

    1. Waiting time.
    2. Joining up as a mental retard/disabled and will they change the rules to allow this.
    3. How long before the first holiday.
  9. Shafted would be more in vouge if you knew me.
    But I can be anybody in this world of make believe, even your mate Thingy blagged it for a coons age, and outed himself.
    I sat and recalled my bad personna last sunday with a bunch of the proverbial nearest and dearest and the general consensus is I am a latter day Del boy.
    Earning an honest shilling may well give great satisfaction, but taking money from pratts and pricks is so much more fun.:laughing2:
  10. Nah we're located in Dunedin, still get the odd tremor or three but all buildings still standing.
    Blobby and I have regular pish ups..... er..... I mean sensible discussions on world events and issues of importance to Young Thrusters and that's about the most scrambling our yolks get.:slow:

    As for the original question I think we may have scrapped right down to the bottom of the barrel and all new newbs can't even use a 'puter.
    (Doubtful as my 9 year old can run rings around me, not hard I know! Thankfully I can still beat her up with a quick rabbit punch and liberal application of chinese burns and nooggies.)
  11. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Prior to scuttling back to the Newbie section after the ear roasting I'm probably about to receive... :toothy3:

    Perhaps they have finally paid attention to what the likes of Ninja, Soleil, and Supermario (and in less pleasant but perhaps more effective terms, a few other RR regulars) have been advocating since time immemorial and found...

    The Search Function.
  12. Have we found out the best iron yet though???
  13. Aye. The one the other bastard is using.
    Day two at Ganges and asked the instructor person where did I put my laundry for washing and ironing. Can't remember his exact words but feckin cant was a couple.:-D
  14. They do not want to board the No 81 bus as they know Rummers is driving it and Wits is the clippy.
  15. I'm saving myself to drive the outrage bus mate, its the only way to get on the fucker nowadays, its always full with the screaming PC'ers on RR.
    You cant say spazzy black shit stabber with paki bashing tendencies any more they hang you for it.
    Fuckin honky fluff balls.
  16. What he said.....
  17. Watch your fuckin language they are watching you know:-D Think on
  18. :evil4::tongue4::cwm10:
  19. :censored::confused2::banghead::banned::pain10::crying::rr:
  20. There's no pleasing some. Newbies who ask stupid questions that have been asked countless times, are given short shrift and told to use the Search function. When there are a lack of newbies asking questions we are still not happy as morale drops and we can't take the piss. Maybe, just maybe they are begining to learn or they have been scared off.:laughing2:

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