Where has Soliel & Jenny Gone?

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by trelawney126, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. No posts from either in a couple of weeks. Any ideas?
  2. Where HAVE they gone?
  3. Sssh,,,,Special ops :?:
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Still nothing from the pair of them, they can't both be residing in a celler can they?
  5. It's getting close to Chrimbo, think of all that shopping and "organising" wimmin do at this time of the year
  6. You seem to know an awful lot about the subject shippers, anything you want to tell me, I can help. :twisted:
    Either that or I could come shopping with you. I know a gorgeous little place down the road that does an absolutely dreamy little larger and a ravishing whiskey that would suit you down to the ground..... :roll: :oops: :D :wink:

    And yes where the hell are they, gone AWOL eh, and I bet the Co's are behind it, or OVER it as the cellar, sorry case may be. :evil:
  7. :roll: Been married 28 years and yet again CinCNagHome is tutting that she has to do all the friends and family cards,get the prezzies, do the scran yada yada etc. You'd think by now she'd realise I don't give a sh1t about it all, especially since my boys have grown up and don't get any decent toys for me to play with. :wink:
  8. YODA, may the force be with you, you speak for all mankind. :thumbright: :thumbleft:

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