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Where has nutty gone?


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Check the grade "A"s and see if any are missing (or crusty yellowish ones on the bunkspace deck)
I confess, I ate the entire ship's nutty ration after Father Famine refused my request at 0330 for a freshly cooked bacon sarnie. Maybe shaking him after only two hours sleep was a mistake. Anyway all 170 bars of fruit n nut disappeared into my cavernous tummy in the space of a few hours. ;)
Oh THAT Nutty! :oops:

I'm sworn to secrecy on pain of death by 1000 cuts. :biggrin:

Perhaps there's a serial matelocide hiding amongst the moderators, gradually knocking them off. o_O


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thingy said:
Oh THAT Nutty! :oops:

I'm sworn to secrecy on pain of death by 1000 cuts. :biggrin:

Perhaps there's a serial matelocide hiding amongst the moderators, gradually knocking them off. o_O
:wink: :wink: give us a clue :cry: :cry:
My spies tell me that Nutty is a bit busy at the moment, and that his lack of appearance on here is nothing personal, but has had to take a back seat for a short while.
Hig is definately not guilty of matelotcide and I doubt there's any truth in the buzz that Hig has joined Dignitas on proxy of Mrs Hig, though as it's a closely guarded secret I doubt Hig has any inkling! ;)

Maxi, it looks like I'll have to seek Supporer membership of Barrow Submariners so I can join your forum. Do you have a special membership category open to lapsed walts? :oops:
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