Where has my thread on RNR losing "R's" gone?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by TF110, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. It was on here yesterday - what was the problem with it?
  2. Perhaps it's been merged - there are currently 2 running. Not that I've read them yet (boredom threshold not yet that low - but getting there). Am I missing anything?
  3. Oh FFS yet more random posts.

    Click HERE and scroll down (but don't make a post about it, just look in future ya mong)
  4. Oh Lamri you are so sympathetic and kind, and I am so glad you are not my division SR!
  5. Grow up! Where did you post it? Give us a clue?
  6. Oh come on Rosie, its not hard is it?
    If the thread was started by him, go to "My Account" hey presto! There it be!
  7. Ah but still Lamri, you should learn to be more understanding and in touch with your feminine side!

    And besides is 'mong' a PC word?!!
  8. Erm, Why?

    OK, I give you that one.
    He's a spacker instead!
  9. Rosie
    Surely you should know that Lamri along with myself and Lingyai does not have a feminine side. As for PC words, why not join the campaign to have them all abolished :thumright:
  10. Posted on Current affairs - scrolled down and couldnt find it on any of Sundays postings.

    If only I was issued with the psychic powers that Lamri has then the world would be a better place - is it any wonder people are leaving RR when twats like him are so friendly and welcoming with their answers to legitimate questions?
  11. If you go on the forum link at the top of the page then on MY POST it should be there
  12. And if only I had longer legs and a rear to die for...?
  13. Try substituting "psychic" with "common sense" mate ;)
  14. Lamri - be nice you stoker person you!

  15. I am.
    This is me being all fluffy [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Oops sorry, that raspberry just slipped itself in there somehow ;) :D
  16. Right Lamri, I have to go to work now, so I hope you can be trusted to play nicely!
  17. Muahahaha!!
    (Rubs hands in a big bucket of glee) :D
  18. Lamri you do not frighten me! I have trained one PO Stoker to my ways and it will not be a challenge to train another one. However you should be warned that there will be constant exposure to the cattle prod, and removal of swarfega priveleges if you misbehave.

  19. No Swarfs?

    I'll be good miss!
  20. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Found in nanoseconds without needing to call in Knacker of the Yard. Please don't use Current Affairs to seek help in finding your misplaced / moved posts or howl in unjustified indignation.

    It's in Fleet. No I didn't move it......but I'm moving this bas*ard.

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