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Where FAA planes go to die HMS Sanderling


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What a terrific find Scouse. RNAS Abbotsinch is now Glasgow Airport. I was accommodated at Abbotsinch in early 1959 while standing by Tiger in her last stages of building in John Brown's on Clydebank and have happy memories of a large but comfortable WRNS 3/O there at the time (the others were all booked by the permanent residents). Abbots was the back end of the Navy and while I was there the Pusser was CM'd for having his hand in the till, the Air Engineer put the nursing sister in pod, the Schoolie had his cabin festooned with wireless aerials so he could do ham radio to Russia, the WRNS 1/O was coping with one of her officers who rang up to resign in floods of tears from a phone box on Euston Station, and one of the Met Schoolies was vastly in love with one of the Tower Wrens and used to go out to the tower at night an hoot like an owl when she would flip the tower lights on and off in acknowledgment - until the Wardroom twigged this and the owl population rather surged.

I could still put names to most of these but maybe had better not.


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Very good record of many 'cabs' that obviously did a lot to make up the FAA that was over a few years. Many of the others that must have escaped Abbotsinch of course wound up at the fire-pits at Culdrose. Although during my training period it seemed to be mostly old Fireflies and some early Gannets. I liked the shot of the Attacker, we had one displayed by the parade ground at Condor, many of the handlers and airmen had their pictures taken by it.


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If I remember correctly Scouse an REM first name Stan married one of his daughters, didn't last though and he was soon walking out with a killick wren off station fight.:judge:


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If I remember correctly Scouse an REM first name Stan married one of his daughters, didn't last though and he was soon walking out with a killick wren off station fight.:judge:
REM air Hedges. Aka Benny, for Please Sir:grin:


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I had a change from swinging round a bouy in Rothesay bay being detailed off to do cell sentry at Sanderling. 24 on 24 off great runs ashore; and not too far from the" Ranch House" in Glasgow.


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Not Sanderling but nevertheless a sad old Harrier awaiting the final indignity, if they could talk, wonder what tales they would tell...........Harrier graveyard.jpg
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