Where does Phase 2 training take place for Catering service?


Looking for more information on the phase 2 training for catering service.
Where does it take place and for how long ?
I have my Recruitment Test, Interview and medical all in one day next week. So, I’m looking for more information for my interview with my AFCO!
Raleigh is the location and no one really knows the information as it’s still in progress. Suggest you read up on current chef and steward role as catering services combines the 2.


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Looking for more information on the phase 2 training for catering service.
Where does it take place and for how long ?
Raleigh currently.
Due to move to new tri-service school of Logistics/Admin/Policing at Worthy Down. Possibly before the end of the year.
I spoke to the WOCA I/C the cookery school earlier this year and he was loathe to commit to any timescale.
As long as you know that basic Chef training takes place at HMS Raleigh, that'll do you.
I wish you luck. :)


okay, thank you. Feeling a lot better about it all now that I have a bit more info.
Hopefully smash it all in the day and then smash my PJFT the next day!
Will let you know how I get on ☺️
Passed everything with flying colours! Got HMS Raleigh at 21st of July!
Thanks guys
Congrats..keep shining all the way..
I applied for the logistic catering services and received my notification to have submitted the application form. How long will it take to be contacted and how do i know what to do next.. I am a common wealth applicant from Kenya...


When I first applied it was in December so it took a couple of weeks to come through, with all the holidays at that time of year.
I live on an island off the west coast of Scotland, so I got flown out to the mainland to do an all day runner ( Recruitment Test, Interview, medical and PJFT) over the course of two days, and then after my PJFT I got my date for Raleigh that same day.
I had to put a hold on my application at one point due to an injury, once that was all healed we then sorted out dates within a couple of weeks.

Overall for myself it was quite quick, I’m not 100% sure what it would be like for you.
It might be worth calling one of the Armed forced Careers offices that is closest to you and find out rough timelines for everything.

I hope it all works out for you☺️

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