Where do your loyalties lie?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by witsend, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Last edited: Aug 20, 2013
  2. Never herd of the site untill now, just had a quick look at to be honest it looks like the web page was put together by a child, so im staying put.
  3. Don't have a problem with them. Never used it either. It's just an internet site like this lol
  4. Just had a quick look at the website to see what it's all about, to find out I'm already signed up to it. Obviously didn't make much of an impression.

    Agreed daffy, terrible web design
  5. Im not the only one
  6. Never felt the need to go else where.
  7. Tried it, didn't like the web design. It's not as easy to use as RR, so don't go on there often.
  8. Got to admit I prefere the system over on ROMFT, at the click of a tab, I can see all the threads that have been added to since I was last on, rather than having to go thorough the last 50's page on here, and check to see if I have already read a thread, saves a bit of time.

    Yes there are some on ROMFT who have a gripe about RR, so what! at least it is not full of newbies asking Qs about what bloody iron to take to Raleigh and yes it has some threads that many on here would find as banal as I find some of the newbie threads, but thats the wonder of the interweb, there is something for everyone
  9. I windmill through one site at a time, and as I haven't been banned from here yet, I have no need to move on. You bunch of sad fat dit-spinning cunts :D
  10. Get a grip it is different web site and just takes getting used to, and on the plus side no MODS you will not get banned for being rude. OPSEC still applies though. :wink:
  11. I haven't been banned yet, but then Monty is the whipping boy ('cause he's a nigger)
  12. Monty's black........<splutter>.....why I.......I mean..... well........oh bugger!

  13. OUTRAGE OUTRAGE OUTRAGE, ah fcuk it I can't keep typing that, there's already a thread on boredom
  14. Shut it coon, and finish my shoes :D
  15. I finished them, they was as tough as leather.
    No gravy either cnut. :D
  16. Clever cunt! :D
  17. Black humour. :wink:
  18. Monty may be a whipping boy, but no one gets on their high horse about bulling bullshit, and the Doc is a Cnut......
  19. Witsend, At ROMFT they seem to be forever passing round tots of that evil Rum to each other. 8O

    Sadly my PC isn't plumbed in to drain any down just yet :cry:
  20. Rude on RR? Good god I'll have to keep my eye open for it.

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