Where do the Chefs all go ?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by lsadirty, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Been reading about all the contractorisation of catering in shore establishments, which leads me to ask where do all the Chefs go ? Do they work under civvy management ? If not, what do they do when not on a ship - work PoS ? Are there still shore billets for Chefs, and where ? All a bit strange to me.
  2. They stay at sea.

    There are no shore billets for Chefs anymore.

    Well that isn't strictly true, there are a few, but those are generally taken up by medical downgrades and pregnant Wrens.

    They dont get any shore time, until they are a Senior Rate and by then it may be as a Steward :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  3. So The Royal Navy sponsored by Aramark and Sodexho :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: . PFI what a wonderful conception. :threaten:
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, as with most trades, you technically "belong" to a ship for around 4 years. You obviously have leave periods, however the majority of shoretime is spent undergoung professional courses for advancement, to preptre you for the next sea draft or to keep you "in date". The individual is also entitled to "harmony time" where they can be "loan-drafted" to a service establishment for a limited period.

    (Incidentally you can request to work at an AFCO still for 4 weeks or more, for those interested, but cannot be drafted to one unless a Leading Hand or Cpl into the assistant careers adviser post).
  5. What Chefs ????????????.
  6. Surely they're called something much more complex than chefs now - is it not <Insert Rate> Logistics Catering Services Preparation or something daft like that? Bloody PCP.
  7. Slightly off topic, but an associated question on which Dixie can probably put me straight. Since the re-titling of Cooks/Stewards/Dusties and Scribes to Logistics-brackets-dah-de-dah, what happened to Caterers?
    I didn't see any mention of a badge change in the NN article, nor any reference on here.
    As the first L/Cook to pass the catering course (1964), I would be interested to know what has become of the branch that I helped to form.

  8. What a fecked up outfit the RN has become - the Ration Destroyers don't get any shore time to practice their fiendidh arts to inflict on us at sea. I'm sorry about all this civvy catering and screwing the cookie boys inboard time, but has the grub ashore got any better ? Despite all the bollox we give the galley ashore and afloat, I usually managed 3 squares a day, and only whinged when it deserved it - which wasn't every day. Jeezus wept !!
  9. The Sodexho food I sampled at Sultan was utter balls, you ate it but you weren't particularily pleased or sated afterwards. Now I've never sampled pussers chefs delights apart from Raleigh (which I found pleasing, but I was starving), but I have had crab food and let me tell you it's five star compared to the shit they serve at Sultan.

    What used to grip my shit even more was that if your class was late in getting away for any reason you had to queue behind the smelly ingnorant Railtrack pricks, all two million of them.

    I've heard the stories about PAYD and the negative impacts it can have, however I'd still rather have that system then see lads say 'Nah I'm not going to scran today, I'll jus drive to Maccy D's later on'

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