Where do medical questionnaires get return to by GP's?

hello everyone, this is my first post on here.

Im looking to join as an AET, I had my medical today and passed everything ok however the doc has sent a questionnaire to my GP to clear me of Asthma which i had when i was a child, im over 4 years clear so should be ok.

however... One of the questions refers to eczema and asks if I have ever suffered from this, I haven't but did recieve cream to treat a concrete burn on my hand which a previous GP diagnosed. Last year I applied to the army and was rejected as they did not see me in person to prove I did not suffer from eczema. My current GP did write a letter to say he would not label me as suffering fro eczema which I still have.

So this leads me to the present, I have applied to the Navy and all but passed my medical providing the questionnaire is returned and all is ok.

My main question is: Do the medical questionnaires get returned to the same doctor who was at my medical? Is it worth dropping a copy of the letter in to this doctor incase my GP doesn't remember/take in to consideration the letter he wrote when answering the eczema question?

sorry for babbling on but you can imagine the panic mode im in at the moment.

cheers everyone.

Firstly The AFCO ME should send the questionaire direct to your GP. If for some reason they haven't then make sure you get it returned to the AFCO who will make sure the Dr sees it at his/her next visit.

The main difference between the Army/RN is that you get to see the Dr and answer the questions they ask. If the AFCO ME hasn't asked about the eczema then I wouldn't even mention it. The AFCO ME will only want to know about the Asthma problems.

However if you have any supporting letters from your GP then pass them onto your recruiter, who will then make sure the AFCO ME sees them as well.

Hope this is of use


Neil = Supermario
the AFCO ME told me that the questionnaire only asked about asthma and thats all he wanted to know about, but i will put the letter to him tomorrow just so that he sees this.
you are probably better going to your GP to short cut it but they will ask specific medical professional questions from Doctor to Doctor best of luck any way


rmAET: you have mail.

I'll post an answer here on Sat for future reference. I've just typed it all once on a handheld and I'm not doing it again!


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