Where did you meet your wfe


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Hi an ex Jenny speaking
Received from the Chairman an e mail after being nominated to be an Honorary Member of rba93.com after losing my late husband an ex MAA
Married 2 years later after receiving that e mail
Wasn't looking for anyone to fill the enormous gap in my life,but am as happy as I have ever been
Never say never.
Look in the piccie gallery of our lovely day 21st June 2008 my 59th birthday
Love you to bits Tom and thank you for making my life worthwhile


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BuntingBob said:
Don't stay on the shelf forever, Moomin. Mr/Miss Right is searching for you.


I would prefer a Mr...sadly I think he got lost on route. Being single is OK, lots of plus bits, if you look hard enough.


Number 1 : Met her in the Imperial hotel in Helensburgh, was married for 6 miserable years, found out she was "boning" bootnecks every time I was away, so "got shut"

Number 2 : Met her while on leave in Burnley, married on the rebound and suffered for another 4 years, she was half polish half Halifax with a temper to match, so "got shut"

Number 3 : Met at Stratford on Avon, fell in love for first time, been married 7 years now, and we are both happy, NEVER had an argument which is nice, happiness at last..... :hump: :thanks:


Lantern Swinger
Met my missus at a ships dance in Salford in 1981 (it was the ships adopted town).
I walked across the dance floor, and a young lady shouted at me and called me an ignorant bastard for walking between herself and her mates who were dancing.They were that far apart I didn't realise that they knew each other let alone dancing together.
So I said to her,I'm going to the bar and when I get back I am going to sort you out...

...and I did, we've been married for 25 years have three daughters and two grandaughters.

Thats sorted her out!
Met the wife October 31, 1983 at the bar of the Dornie Hotel. I was wearing No 8s and fouly bottoms, and she was dressed as Worzel Gummidge.

Nothing's changed, although I have been persuaded to buy her some new clothes.

Not many, mind.