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Where did you meet your wfe

Missus pissed off with me hanging out on RR thinks I should grow up and forget my time in the pusser - poor sad old girl she still has so much to learn. Once jack always jack I'm afraid, she in bed me on the red stuff married bliss eh
Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline
Final term at Caledonia with the lads having a boys only night five of us
--next table five lasses . First words to the future mrs Greenie could you
be quiet --
Drove her and her pal home as a favour wasn't trapping cos we were going to Portsmouth in three weeks
Phone call next night -think I dropped my bracelet in your car could you
have a look for me .
Couldn't find her bracelet but found the Lady in my life !

:nemo: :nemo:
Grim_Reaper said:
Met mine after leaving the mob. I never wanted to commit whilst serving.
Unfortunately, after 20 odd lovely years together she passed away at the tender age of 43 leaving me with our daughter aged 11 then. Before she died she instructed me to meet someone else, but she must be like this, like that and like the other. She laid down very exacting requirements bless her.
Well, after a while the very person she described came along. I don't really believe in too much but it was like she had sent her. Spooky as she likes the same things and even takes me to and from the pub just like my wife did.
We are still together after 5 years and life is great.

Nice to hear a happy ending although you did lose the one you love and they are always there inside. I couldn't wish for a better woman than My Good Lady.
Met Mrs DE at my Best Man's 3rd wedding 6 years, 23 days ago. Got wed Jun 05.
We left the reception and went for a drink or 2 while I managed to convince her that a relationship with me was a good thing - that took some doing!

I then felt the evening would be greatly enhanced by the addition of big eats and dragged her into The Eastern Eye (off the Barbican, an old favourite from the RNEC Manadon RFC days). Sat down and said, "I know what I'm having. What do you fancy?"
"I don't like curry".
And she now likes curry...!
We both waited a long time for each other, but it was well worth it.


War Hero
Went to a civvy mate's engagement party in the Western in Fore Street, Guzz, February 1965. Met a female who was nearly as drunk as I was. April 1965, married her. Still together, 6 kids and 16 grandkids later, and not regretted a moment of it.


Book Reviewer
Met her in the 'Park Ballroom', above 'Burtons', the tailors, in Old Town St Plymouth. Got fed up with being a wallflower so trapped her. Been married 51 years now. She didn't know what she was letting herself in for. Three weeks after the wedding I was on my way to the Far East for 18 months. I missed her, but I loved my time in the 'Orient'. One daughter and 2 grandchildren.


War Hero
Its very sweet, the things some of you have said, but am I the only one happy having avoiding the institution of marriage?


War Hero
We both grew up around the borders of dingle and Toxteth Liverpool, so we've known each other since kids. It's a bit difficult to say exactly where we met, but we've been (lived) together for over 11 years now, but only married last June, and have a 2 yr old girl.


We both worked in the Pay Office in Heron in 77, she hated my guts due to an unfortunate incident with the Chief Wren Reg, the wailing wall and an attempted suicide. (not hers)

Had an office run ashore to the Captain's cheese & wine do, she didn't drink wine so I got her to get a glass from each supplier so I could drink it. Someone (Brum Beesley?) won a gallon bottle of whiskly which was passed around, end result was me comatose on the grass at Red Fred's in Babcary. She sobered me up despite the efforts of all my mates who kept buying me pints.

Next day she told me I owed her one for spoiling her night, so I agreed to take her for a meal to compensate. That was our 1st date, 4 moths later we were wed, and have been happily married for 30 yrs, 2 daughters, 1 grandson.


Lantern Swinger
Conned into a 3rd choice preference draft to Brawdy after coming back from the FES on the Dido. If only I had'nt been so naive!!
Anyway, I was killick of the catering office & she was a Wren in the slop room, what else was their to do on such a far flung part of the empire.
Over 40 years later we're still at it but this time on the Costa Blanca.
4 daughters & 7 G-children


War Hero
Met mine in Hong Kong in '83. She didn't like me at first. After getting to know her from being around HMS Tamar and crossing paths on a daily basis, trapped her in the Horse and Groom down the Wanchi. Married in '87. Now got two teenage children. Not ready to be a grandparent yet though.


Lantern Swinger
The question seemed loaded towards the males on here but I'll answer it anyway.

I met my first husband in the Naafi in Northwood (HMS Warrior) We were both RO's although he was a Bunting. It was 1968. We married the following year before he was drafted onto a ship. It lasted 21 years with two children (3 grandchildren) and then he ran off with a younger woman.
3 years later I married a civvie that I met in church as I am a regular attender. We've been married very happily for 15 years.


Book Reviewer
Met at school - when my Dad left the mob in the mid 1970s, the Boarding School Allowance dried up so I left RHS Holbrook and went to the local comprehensive school (talk about culture shock!). Being seen as an ex-public school pupil didn't make the transition easy, but once I'd learned what girls were (Holbrook being all-male at that time), I struck up a relationship and 30 years later we're still together, having been married for the last 22 years with two rug-rats just entering their teen years. Early signs of my wanting to join the RN were quashed by her desire not to be a "navy wife" so I joined the RNR instead; we're currently on house number 8 of our married life - she now realises that if I'd joined the RN we'd probably have ahd a more stable life!


Lantern Swinger
Met mine in a pub in Glasgow (The Iron Horse) before a Scotland game at Hampden..she was friends with the twin sister of the bird I had just finished with (complicated stuff) I was also seeing some Pompey tart at the time. Arranged to meet the ex's sister and future wifey outside Hampden after the match. At 1am the next morning I was back in the middle of Glasgow, p*ssed as a fart when I remembered where I should have been 8 hours earlier..........racked with guilt I found out her number and rang her to apologise (11 months later!) She is from Dunfermline and hated matelots, her best mate was going through the end of a marriage with a skate who spent all his weekends in the pub, didn't pay her any attention and didn't give her any of his wage packet...I'm not like that I pleaded and we got married a couple of yeas back, managed 20 years as a single matelot, the last few as a senior rate submariner, where did all my cash go???????!!!!!!!!!!!!
This looks like a fun way to meet wives

Notice how he as a killick has used the age old Im a naval officer excuse.
My old man ambushed me in the ironing room on basic at Raleigh.
Five weeks later he proposed on the phone as he thought he was going to die next day doing his SETT.
We married 4 mths after meeting and five months later he's a PO and we've two sproglets in the mix
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