Where did you get that hat


War Hero
The meeter and greeter in the missile lounge in Florida was one missile Mary, she weighed in at around 18 stone and was a tad under five foot, a blonde rinse and plenty of slap failed to hide the fact that her bus pass was in the post, and on this particular sunny day shuffling over to our table wearing only an enormous pair of gold lame boxer shorts, she displayed a pair of tits that hung like a couple of family size nan breads nailed to a barn door, standing behind one of the chaps she picked up her right nan and draped it over his head, at the sides it touched his ears, at the front an inch short of his eyebrows, the nipple over his right eye like a badly made play dough regimental badge, shortly after this the Navy introduced the beret as its preferred head ware for jolly jack and I often wonder if Mary’s performance was the inspiration for the change.

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