where can I find World War Two D.S.M. citations? HMS Torbay

Hi, I'm looking for the DSM citation for P.O. C/JX 130051 Bertie W. F. Rayner. The LG for 7/7/42 shows his award when serving under Commander Miers (when he got his VC) in HMS Torbay.
Does anybody have access to the citations for the Distinguished Service Medal, or can point me in the right direction to find it.
Thanks, I had seen the LG's, especially the one quoted by 'Naval_Gazer' but usually there is an initial recommendation by the person nominating the award (probably Miers in this case) and it is that that I was looking for, but as you say he may of not had a specific recommendation - just a general award to those 22 of the crew.
Thanks for the hint Sol, No I've not applied for his service record as yet I was more interested in researching the reasons behind the award.

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