Where can I find my old shipmates?

Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by Griff9781, Feb 19, 2007.

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  1. Is there a place where I can find my old ship mates I seem to have lost touch with all of them. I`ve been out of the mob for just over 2 years after serving for 5 years mainly on the fighting ice cream (HMS Cornwall). Does anyone know of a place where I might be lucky or have all my old pals gone forever. On that note this might be where all you salty old sea dogs can find your old oppos from the good old days.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Try a Google search on their names, they often show up if registered with one of the above sites
  3. cheers fellas. Hopefully I`ll get somewhere with that. I did try the old Google search for their names but all I got was aload of crap (try googling cwea Izzy bent ha)
  4. Now that name rings a bell :)
  5. Was on the cornwall, between 2003 and 2005 right up to the last refit. Same guy you think? quite tall going bald ha ha hope it`s not you.
  6. Yeah same guy but not me!
    I left when my PQ number ceased at the start of the refit :)
    I had been onboard for about 4 years myself.
  7. what rank/rate were you?
  8. lol,

    And I ain't Sandy Saunders!!
  9. I was an om (aw) 1 unfortunately was onboard from a few months before the saif sarea deployment as an om2 and went on 1`s course and joined again just before stanaforlant 2003 then was on right up until refit then was outside a few months after. did you say you were still serving? do you keep in touch with any of the lads off there?
  10. I'm on the moralbion now, have been for 2 years mate.
    Its quite difficult to keep in touch, we've all scattered since the ice cream went into refit although quite a few went back onboard after.
    Why don't you send an email to your old email address, explain who you are and ask onboard?
  11. Yeah I`ll try that mate cheers.

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