Where can I find an address to send a reference to?


I need a reference from my employer for something that isn't work related, and I have been looking around to see if I can find anything however I have been unable to do so. Does anyone know who I will need to contact to find this information

EDIT: Thread title is a bit misleading, I am employed by the RFA but I need an address that an outside agency can contact them and get a reference from


I know that when you leave there’s a part on the form that says if you require a reference then you need to fill out a form to get one.
But, don’t be shocked if all you get is a reference that says ‘Mr Smith worked at the royal fleet auxiliary from this date to this date and their performance was satisfactory’ or something equally vague. They do bog standard references that confirmed you worked there and didn’t totally **** up. I don’t think they do character references. If you want a character reference try your on board line manager or someone who likes you

you definitely won’t get a number for someone to contact though.

just call your appointment and ask

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