Where can i buy 1 of those burgen type kit bags from?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by RhysJJ, Oct 31, 2011.

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  1. Hi i'm after 1 of those 'kit bags' that i think the army get issued with. They are black, about a metre or so long and you can wear it on your back like a ruck sack! Sorry for the vaue decription!
  2. You get one when you join.
  3. Or I can sell you one of the three I have in my loft.

  4. They're long gone. Now we and the Army get issued with a black one that can be made into a rucksack too. Often sold as "Special ops backpack" as can be seen here:


    The only special thing about them appears t be that they're made out of paper and the zips are especially fashioned to burst at the merest hint of any strain.

    I also have some "Special ops" ovies if anyone wants them.
  5. thats not it bikerman, must be 100 litre+ in capacity, thanks anyway people.
  6. Alright, £40.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good question, glad you asked.

    Buy Monty's for £60, remembering to send my 10% commission direct as I don't trust him.
  8. Now not being issued, none left in stores due to contractual problems.
  9. I think they used to be called 'Op Telic' bags when I got mine, but I had heard that they were in short supply. Are they issuing ratings with the old-fashioned duffel bags again, because I heard a rumour that they were being issued with black day-sacks instead.
  10. Buy Monty's, it's a real deal.

    I'm amazed he's letting it go so cheap. I wouldn't part with either of mine for less than a ton.
  11. Christ, he drives a hard bargain. £95.
  12. Don't do it man, you'll regret it in the future. What else are you gonna deliver your filthy laundry to your mum in?
  13. What! Your not meant to take your Pussers White Dhoby Sack on the train!?
  14. That's a dhobi sack? I always thought it was an item of fashion wear?

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  15. 2DD in the Costa Del Rhyl this year?
  16. What's wrong with the original Pusser's grip? A zip so stiff that you broke the tab the first time you tried to use it and the canvas so stiff that it took 5 years before you could actually close the top together and operate the broken zip (now with a paper clip through the hole). Still got mine :)
  17. It aint Cooool or Gucci, could never get my arms through to wear it as a haversack.

    Still got a couple in the loft and the zips are still good.
  18. Yep ... still got the good 'ol pusser grip (over 30 yrs old now) ... yes tab went but the zip is still good. Also got one of those green aircrew mega-grip kit bags up in the loft that they used to cart their goon suits / flying ovies around in. Very useful for a long weekend!

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