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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. Thought if I started a thread covering where you are going to be on the day you post, we might bump into other members.
    Like wise it gives you fair chance to avoid me if you know where I am, and suprise suprise I can avoid the fuckers who rattle my ring to the point of giving me the shits.

    So today, Donnington Park. You have been warned.^~
  2. Hadleigh Farm...watching the Olympics Mountain Bike race...I'll be the one waving a Union Flag.
  3. Pretty sad, I'll be on the water in a RIB. Fowey Estuary/ St Austell Bay.
  4. The bottom of Snowdon - I'll be there all summer
  5. Whats sad about being in a boat in Fowey?

    I'm getting dragged shopping at a friggin humongous market, there's no racing at Donington today.
  6. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So it is just the sympathy vote you are after - well, you know exactly where to find sympathy!!!

    Enjoy your shopping :thefinger:

    I will be at home watching footy & 'Limpics! Bliss.
  7. Out all day in Morecambe with the tribe yesterday, got back yesterday evening, sunburnt to a frazzle and knackered, shifted a bottle of red to de-stress, now thick head, shower and off to a cafe for egg and bacon pick me up then back to feet up and box/book/snooze the day away.
  8. At home in Worcester its pissing down. I've done the fried breakfast and shopped at the Co-op round the corner,scribing this , then hoovering through and then a workout. Later we'll get down to the Manor Farm for a drink and a light meal. I honestly do not know how I cope with all this excitement.:yawnstretch:
  9. [​IMG]

    The RIB was a tender for this!
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Wot a red X
  11. Been down Trago's for a cheap hi-viz jacket prior to popping over to frogland (must remind myself not to wind the frogs up about magic wheels/trainers/water etc if the olympics comes up......much) and now watching Spidiver waving his flag at the mountain biking (he's waving a flag, easy to spot).
  12. At this precise moment I'm having a shit. Once complete I'm going to the pub with the Mrs.

    I'm proper rock n roll me.
  13. Buffalo Bay near Knysna (pronounced Nice na) watch some silly t__ts surfing in water with chunks in it. Crap weather coming in for Cape Town so legged it home for hot soup and the end of the 'limpics'

    Anyone elsecelebrate the last day of the tot on the 31st? What a bastard 42 years ago!
  14. Who wants to know?,...... why do you want to know?......I'm telling no one...... crushers have been known to visit this site. :tongue3:
  15. Today I was mostly in Tokyo recovering from the effects of the night before and the damned Kirin & Asahi poor swede. Tomorrow I will be in Honkers and will wear flip flops so you can recognise me if you're in Wan Chai tomorrow night.
  16. Just stand outside the emporium singing rule britannia and we'll hook up. If I'm late I'm sure the chinese police make a good breakfast.
  17. I lied about no events at donington today.
    Saw some really great racing and some trials stuff. I'm gonna get another bike,. even the missus said to so I really am on a promise.
  18. Now that sounds like two good runs ashore, done the second but never the first, it mush have been one good evening? Give my best regards to the ladies of HK! Not that I ever indulged in the pleasures of the flesh there.
    Are there still two Susi Wong bars in Wan Chai?
  19. No need to be so secretive, would a crusher know what to do if he found his way to this site? He might along with the MAA find it quite arresting.
  20. Nosey cunt.

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