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Where are you living/from?

What country are you from or residing in?

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witsend said:
R077 said:
I am from Glasgow which we affectionately call the 'Godless North'.

You prove he's real and we'll start believing. For now we'll stick to buckfast & special brew. :wink:

When Frankie Boyle does a spiel down South on how backwards we are in Scotland people drink & laugh til they cry. Watching the same show in Glasgow we know it's the truth and we cry til the drink makes us laugh :lol:
Born Hostert BAOR, army brat family moved to Weymouth from Wiltshire cos i got hayfever, joind the andrew 71 spent time at sea pompey based in between ships portland left andrew stayed in weymouth
pyrford surrey home of the rich apparently which is why everything costs at least 2 quid more than everywhere else, rip off county.
"Smerrick" (then).

During a sprog interview with my Div CPO way back I was astounded that he knew that even before we had sat down..... :oops:

Turned out that he'd not only done his Div. homework but had been also been billeted there briefly on a project during the war.

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