Where are you living/from?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Feb 7, 2006.

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  1. Which country are you from or where are you living now?
  2. Go the porridge-wogs, unfortunately some of us have to live with these bloody FEBs...
  3. deepest darkest Janna land ....
  4. I come from a land downunder.......
  5. The Land that Time Forgot!
  6. Originally from Scotland, now living in Denmark.
  7. From Plymouth to Florida in one easy discharge.
  8. Vegamite Sandwiches and another prawn on the barbie says it all
  9. Originally Aberdeen but now am a Posh engalnder
  10. Can we have Northern Ireland added as a separate option ?
    Some people here get a real sad on when Ireland is all lumped together.
  11. Originally from London "when it was English"
    Now just over the bridge into Wales attempting to teach them English :roll: :roll: :roll: :twisted:
  12. Cotswolds, but part time Cretan....
  13. To start ....London and now Northamptonshire.
  14. Glasgow originally, but now living in Gosport.
  15. Originally from Wales but joined HMS Brighton at Chatham in 1966 and for some unfathomable reason seem to have stayed in Kent every since except when cruising the world on the Grey Funnel Line
  16. Originally from Up-north, now just inside janner land
  17. Gibraltar! Soon enough though drafty'll catch up with me, shave my head and send me to sea!
  18. And why do you want to know....Are you Police or Tax man????? :?:
  19. Southern Spain with the other 750,000 Brits. Living the lotus eaters dream. Returned to UK for a week on 1st Feb this year. See no reason other than to visit family/friends to ever return again.

  20. sunny gloucester

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