Where are you all ?

Just wondered...all these callsigns I see daily- it's nice, you've all become quite familiar....makes me wonder what area of the world you're in and what you're doing today ? Are we spread far and wide ? (Don't breach security, I don't want to be responsible for endangering anyone).


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Sick on Shore after knee surgery. Fed up as I have just done all the liaison and stuff for the exercise the ship is on and I get to stay at home and do physio.

I want to go back to sea!!!!!!
sat at my desk waiting for my mandatory refractory period to elapse before logging back onto redtube or youporn.

any typos are unitentional its just that my body is going to prolonged **** shock.

another week to go yet


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Shit-ouse of Arabia doing weekend cover, patiently waiting for 18:00 (16:00-GMT) so as I can get the fek back to my room for a nice wee "Sun-Downer" :thumright:
In Devon, getting bored with being retired. I looked forward to it for years! :w00t:
The saying is 'Roll on death pension's too far off!' Now I have to look forward to pension days and death is is getting closer. :pukel: :thumright:


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Taloolah said:
...makes me wonder what area of the world you're in and what you're doing today ?
Click the word "Lost" to the left and you'll get a Google Map of where I live - as to what I'm doing, wasting time on RR waiting for the end of the working day!
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