Where are we Heading?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. One of my keyboards needed touching up with a silver spray,Orf I wen to Homebase picked one up for a fiver,job done.
    At the checkout it went like this from a asst.who was in his twenties but like he came from inbred Hilly billy country
    "That'll be £4.99 sir"
    "Thanks" said passing over a fiver
    "Are you over 18?"
    "You must be over 18 to buy spray paint"
    "Go on,take a wild guess"
    "If you don't answer you can't have the paint"
    "I know you have to ask but try and and use your intelligence a bit and just look"
    He calls the supervisor who said it was the law and I agreed in a way but as parting shot I told them I was in fact 72 years old and to use some common sense.
    I don't get it,spray paint has to be monitored but common DogF should be applied sometimes.
    Unless of course I do look under 18 then that's OK.
    It's they same as asking if I want a hand packing,I swim twice a week play golf a lot and I think I'm pretty fit.
    Guess they see someone older than I think I am!
  2. Unfortunately SF, CDF has been replaced by H&S and a Nanny State.
  3. Wanted some meths for cleaning the heads on the tape many cassete years ago when I lived in Stoke on Trent . No can do it has gone 1930hrs. The chemist came to the counter I explained he gave me the meths.
  4. Amazing, where this country is heading?

    Got stopped buying booze in a supermarket the other day because my partners son was with me who is 15. Are you buying this for him, was the question. No was my answer, we don't allow him to drink he's only 15. Well I'm sorry sir I think you might be buying it for him, so I'm not willing to serve you. My answer was fine ADSA you can keep the rest of the shopping as well and left, went to lidl and got everything I needed without questions asked.

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  5. Ah yes, the law - made by a few, for a few, but unfortunately applies to us all!
  6. Stop buying the Daily Wail (and any other paper/media outlet) that indulges in 'outrage bus' tactics. I bet they could drum up a story in a 3 minutes flat about the tragic death of a 13 year middle class girl who died after being sold spray paint. It is far easier to be a jobsworth and be safe in the knowledge nothing will ever happen as a result of your actions rather than risk being scapegoated for your 'sensible'/'CDF' action.
  7. I have known this happen a few times now, it must be frustrating.

    What i get hit with sometimes when trying to buy anything that has a age barrier, is;

    "This is not your ID is it sir"

    Okay i got it when i passed my driving test at seventeen, it was 5 years ago ffs, i look the same (when clean shaven)!!!

    I must of had a sex op, flowing blonde hair and a set of double D's planted on me.

    The common sense lacking fu*ks.

  8. Hope the fully loaded trolley was just left where it was!
  9. Got done with the same last Christmas SM. I politely (sort of) informed the lady they wouldn't have asked if my stepson was sat in the car so what's the difference because I would just go over the road to asda to buy it if they stopped me. Did the trick for me though.
  10. I recently got ID'd for buying a veg knife you need to be over 16 to buy knives. I produced my ID and the lady said "sorry must be something in the water you are drinking"

    As I walked off I replied " you need to drink some then because how many under 16's do you know that look like me at 33?"

    She didn't look amused

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Part of the blame for this nonsense is our good friends the local Trading Standards Officers.Be it buying booze,spray paint,knives or whatever if there is suspected problem in an area they will deploy youngsters to try and purchase stuff to test the reactions of Pub and Store staff.I believe it is the fear of getting caught out in one of these stings make these staff decide to ask everyone regardless of appearance then they won't fall foul of the law.
  12. The way I read this is that the law only counts when you subject yourself to it. If you do not agree to the law ie. when asked by one of the Government income generator (aka Policeman) that you do not understand (aka Stand Under) then they cannot legally prosecute you. You are not agreeing to a contract between yourself and his\herself. The legal law only applies to companies and not individuals. This is why the legal enterties of Mr\Mrs\Miss have been created. This law is based on Admiralty Law from 16xx (and I don't mean from some time in the the First Dog...), if you do not give consent to the law and remain a "freeman" then the legal law cannot apply, only Common Law applies (i.e. don't kill anyone, don't rip anyone off and just be a general bon oeuf circular).
    There have been some interesting court cases recently.
  13. I'm not clued up with sniffing,snorting,injecting,smoking etc in my ignorance I thought it was refused because they used it to spray slogans on walls like Banksy.
    If they sniff spray paint to get high then it's new to me.
    I'd give it a go but at my age I'd probably block my nostrils up with silver paint!
    It's a weird country we now live in and don't recognise a lot of it.
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  14. Its not the spray paint ... its the propellent ... and I gather they have come up with some ingenious ways to prevent clogging the nostrils up while inhaling! ... Buit I'm with you ... if I tried it I would get silver paint everwhere!
  15. I take it you're a risk averse as oppossed to risk aware type then ATG!?
  16. Yep, that's why I never sign a permission to dive chit......
  17. How is that clever? If I was the supervisor working on your boat I would walk off and you could explain to the CO why the work wasn't done. Does happen.
  18. Had a young sundodging subbie on one of the T boats out in Gib, refuse to sign a Permission to Dive Chit at 03:30 one morning when we turned up to the random bottom and jetty searche. He'd obviously had a few wets and told me to **** off and come back later.......So I did as I was told and fucked off, but only as far as the nearest phone. The SOO was mightly displeased to be called out at early o'clock to go and get the Skipper of said T boat. Me and the lads were sat on the jetty playing "Pass the Pigs" as the taxi drew up and brought the skipper back from wherever he was staying. Funnily enough said subbie was on the casing every morning for the next week or so, when we turned up to search the hull....and not once did he smile at me..
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  19. Happens in the dockyard mate. Some tosser 5 year old OOD trying to be a clever twat. We had instructions from SOD to walk off the job. The child soon has its tail between its legs when you come back the next day and the boat is all tagged out by 0700!
  20. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    I got IDed whilst buying some Bombardier beers as a gift for the brother-in-law whilst in Tesco the other day.

    I suppose I should be flattered that I pass for 18 at the grand old age of 24 :-D

    Amusing, though, was the fact that the cashier who asked for my ID was about 15 and blushed furiously when he calculated from my driving license (the photo on which looks nothing like me) how old I was. He also went bright red when he asked if I wanted my bags packed (I had 5 things in the basket). Bless. He'd obviously just done the training and was trying to toe the line.

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