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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by tug1970, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. I was originally from Liverpool and ended up back here, so come on were are we from and were did we end up, is there an Cunningham 26 from 88 on RR
  2. FlagWagger

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    Born in Southsea (family originally from Lincolnshire); as a Navy-brat had a mobile childhood including Southsea, Lincoln, Barrow, Helensburgh, Rosyth and Helensburgh again, before civvy street beckoned for my father and the family settled in Northants. Having developed wanderlust at an early age, courtesy of the RN, I proceeded to move to Birmingham, Brighton, Bath and then back to the Birmingham area before moving to Petawawa in Eastern Ontario nearly 4 years ago.
  3. Started in Hampstead in London, moved to Tring in Hertfordshire aged 10, joined the mob aged 16 and lived all over for a bit, left the mob and am now living in Hampstead again.

    Looking at moving to Cumbria in a few years, in order to get as far away from London as possible, without actually becoming Scottish.
  4. Originally from Baillieston but now I have 2 homes one in Glasgow and one in a town called Maryport in Cumbria with the misses.
  5. Born and dragged up in Guzz a stone throw from Ma Boots and the old Fleet Club. Took me 5 years to get back there on a ship, and that was only for a ELWE. Lived in South Queensferry, Barrow, Helensburgh, Birkenhead and Warrington before going back home. Then did the Jack Dusties traditional stint in Saudi, followed by 14 years at the MoD in London. Took early retirement, and back in Guzz, living in Southway, near the airport, surrounded by the hordes of Genghis Jan. Happy as a pig in the proverbial, and shed loads of good (and bad) memories of warmer climes, frenetic runs ashore and some of the best shipmates one could wish for.
  6. West Hampstead, London to Dunners NZ via Lympstonia and Arbroath!
  7. Driffield in East yorkshire is where I was born,moved to Bridlington at 5,joined the mob at 17,followed my brother in who was also O boats and T boats,Pompey and Guzz on O boats,mechs course in Gosport,Helensburgh for my last ten in the mob,back in sunny Bridlington now.
  8. Brave man. Even I escaped Cumbria.

    Born in Carlisle, lived in Qatar and the U.A.E for most of my younger years. Moved to Guzz when I joined up, then decided that everyone south of Durham is a cunt and moved to Gateshead.
  9. Born in Pudsey, raised in Berkhamsted, joined the mob. First marriage lived in Fareham. Parents relocated to Norfolk(not sure why), dad died, mum moved to Kent. I got divorced, now remarried and settledd in guzz. Have visited berko a couple of times...lots of happy growing up memories there...don't think I could afford to move back there...
  10. Born in Hostert B M H lived in Germany till i was 2 moved to Corsham Wilts. I got hayfever so family moved to Weymouth. Lived there till 15 joined up. Pompey based ships shore time at Portland. Left in 1983, now live in Weymouth but work in Purbeck.
  11. Which bit?

    My whole family are from West Hampstead. I really live in West Hampstead now actually. I originally said Hampstead because I wanted to sound posh. :D
  12. Born in Redhill and dragged up in Caterham, Surrey (not the posh bit). Joined up at 16 and had all Guzz drafts except 1 and for courses (always Pompey). Married and settled in SE Cornwall and I'm still there 30 years later.
  13. Originally Ayrshire, then Guzz/ Pompey/ Lincoln with the Mob, Sussex and now Dorset.
  14. Dragged up in Brum - joined the mob and lived in various shitholes around the Pompey area - eventually got kicked out somewhere near Harrogate so live there now
  15. Cardiff born lived in Kernow since I was 6. Still do live there. Based in Pompey mainly
  16. Born in Hartlepool moved to Guz joined the mob faslane rating for 10 years then of to barrow left the mob after a couple of year there(they promised me longer i had to get out) now in Renfrew.
    Happy days.
  17. Kilburn!! 8O 8O
  18. Now now, lets not start throwing insults around. I'll have you know I live considerably closer to Hampstead than I do to Kilburn which makes me officially posh. I was even born in proper Hampstead and my Dad lives there now which means I'm awesome.
  19. Crumbs i live in Tring..
  20. Born in Woking, lived most of my life in West London been in Scotland for about 10 years

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