Where Are They Now? UK TV company needs your help!!!

Hello all,

My name is Victor and I work for a UK television production company called October Films.

October Films in partnership with Channel 4 are producing a television series which will celebrate the best internet clips around.

One of the clips that we are very interested in including features the British Royal Navy. A boat full of troops land on a beach and to their surprise are sucked in by a shore full of quicksand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZurPX0olqE

This has been one of the most popular clips online since it first emerged some 18 months or so ago. We are desperate to speak to some of the people that were a part of this video.

We have spoken to the Royal Navy press office who confirmed that it was in fact British troops as many links online say French, US and other countries Marines. They have said that video was not put together by the Royal Navy but the troops involed and although they have tried to track them down, thier efforts have been unsuccessful. They agreed that it is a hilarious piece of footage.

We would like to hear from anyone that was involved in the making of this video or knows of anyone that was involved in its creation, particularly the owner, to take part in this television project.

If you have any information, please contact me via 020 7284 6868 or [email protected]

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.



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I have seen this clip many times, and to the best of my knowledge it is British Army personnel, probably Engineers, in Al Faw peninsula... have you posted on ARRSE too?
"Yeh, i'll own up to wasting troops time, public money and making the BAF look like pork"!

Get a grip!

What about doing something useful for a change and running a documentary about how the armed forces continue to do the jobs expected of em despite having the arse ripped out of em by the government for years.

What about a story about the crap food they have to eat. MOD pay less for scran per person than the prison service!

What about doing something on people being paid more to work in McDonalds than our lads and lasses do risking their arse every day.

Run that f*cker!!!!
BoxKickerSubs said:
Look he posted his phone number, not a bright spark is he. I fear abuse may be incomming.
... and he has included his email address. Also not clever as people tend to get signed up for all sorts when they do that. :roll:

I agree about not supporting his quest though as we don't need anymore negative publicity.

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