Where are the planes coming from?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. If Haigh wants to start a no fly zone over Labia,where does he propose to get the aircraft from?
    I know we have a few at RAF Cosford and Duxford but will they be servicable for the job and do we have the pilots with the skills to fly them?

    Worried of Stoke on Trent :?
  2. I've been to Stoke, i'd be worried too!!
  3. Dear Worried of Stoke on Trent,

    Worry no longer! Despite severe opsec restrictions, I can assure you that several former steely eyed, granite jawed, underwater killers are currently undergoing re-acquaint courses on Sopwith Camel's stored in readiness at a secret location somewhere in England.
    As these stringbag jockey's are all volunteers, the reinstatement of the daily tot has been sanctioned, which considerably improves bomb aiming and Lee Enfield .303 markmanship.
  4. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    bbmf!! :)
  5. Suppose they could use these chaps too!! They look a dab hand at duelling..

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  6. We don't.

    However, as much as it pains me to say it, the RAF have. They will be chomping at the bit to finally have the Eurofighter (It's not a typhoon, however much they protest) get stuck in to something operational and stop having to say "It is operational, it's in the Falklands".

    The aircraft and the aircrew are more than capable of carrying out that proposed.
  7. Your last paragraph is correct. The only minor point is where's the friendly and not politically embarassing host nation to operate them from? They will also need a Sentry on station and AAR Tanker support, both with the same but not so pressing problem.
  8. Certainly not from us except a token presence.
    They'll come from the present school bully who has got more to spare. We are just that nasty little tosser that hangs around with the bully and gets an occasional spiteful kick in.
    In exchange we'll get the stale sarnies the bully doesn't like; until he gets tired of us. Then he'll desert us and so will everyone else because they'll remember what we used to be.
    The politicos really haven't taken the message on board yet - that we really can't do much and are over extended as it is. They like to pretend to the Daily Wail readers that we really are still a big boy and capable of being the school bully; yet when they go home they clean the bullys shoes and hold his duffle bag whilst he duffs someone up.
    Then of course a bigger bully will come along, who will duff up the present bully, who will then become the nasty little tosser.
    And so it will go on.
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  9. Sigonella or Akrotiri. And we have plenty of tankers and E3Ds, Piece of piss.

    Edited because I can't spell, Sigon, sego, siggnio, fuck it.
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  10. Fair point and range is not critical for the Tankers, Sentries and a Nimrod 1 (if one could be generated and released). Range is a consideration for the Typhoons, though.

    Track miles Sigonella to Tripoli, just over 300 N miles. Track miles Akrotiri, just under 1,000 N miles. That gives aTyphoon an unrefuelled CAP of about an hour from Sigonella and about 5 mins from Akrotiri. Tankers aren't exactly overly abundant at the moment.

    There will be a lot of head scratching in High Wycombe today, I think.

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