Where are/have you served at Sea recently?

scousehillier said:
I am interested to hear who are/have been serving at sea recently.

What ships, what have you been doing, any runs ashore?
Are you still interested... :laughing8:

...or have you given up all hope secure in the knowledge that your question has the potential to raise issues of security with regard to ship/submarine movements? :censored:
Now there's a thought - well said that man - Keep our secrets secret!

On the other hand, take a quick bimble down to Pompey on a weekend, count the hulls alongside, compare with Operational deployments information on the RN website, take away the number you first thought of, wet and hold the index finger of your right hand in the air and you will have a pretty good idea what our ship was doing and when it did it!


Lantern Swinger
Got home last Wednesday after 12 days on the CHATHAM.

Joined her in Limassol and left her in Barcelona. Managed one day out in Cyprus and four in Barca.

The crew were the most hospitable set of guys and gals i've ever had the pleasure of meeting during my seven years in the RNR. Very helpful, friendly and welcoming. Every pub we saw them in they made a bee line for us and really made us feel like part of the team.

Before anyone gobs off about security please have a look at the CHATHAM website which announces their return date of 20th Oct, which must surely be more of a risk than telling where the ship is GOING to be than HAS been?
T2 - fully concur. The balance between informing the public of what THEIR armed forces are doing and maintaining security is a very thin line and I think our grown ups have a reasonable idea what is and is not acceptable.

That said I noted a last minute change of programme a couple of years ago for one of our sleek grey war canoes that had to be diverted at the last minute (much to the chagrin of Embassy staff etc ref DipClear etc) when dates of putting into a Middle East port were widely promulgated several days in advance.

However, once gone the ship has gone ... no problems with letting folk know where you have BEEN!
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