Where angels fear to tread

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by hobbit, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. The current campaign to solve the many problems of the indigenous community in the Northern Territory of Australia has taken on a new dimension . Renowned for their ability to sink large quantities of the amber fluid Territorians have access to alcohol outlets everywhere seven days a week even from the supermarket . To combat the excessive use of alcohol by the indigenous people proposed new laws will cause a social tsunami
    in the non indigenous population ,

    Photo ID needed to buy up on grog
    09 July 2007
    NORTHERN Territory drinkers will be forced to show photographic identification and declare where they will be consuming takeaway alcohol under tough new laws being drafted as part of the Howard Government's indigenous intervention plan.

    The red is a quote from todays NT News for the plagiarism police .

    Anyway, to restrict the sale of grog this way, regardless of any good intentions or benefits , Territorians may well cause a political cyclone Tracy that will be felt very strongly in the national capital . I'll drink to that .
  2. Pathetic but with good intent no doubt . The usual mistake , addressing the effect and not the cause , the cause is often deep therefore difficult to determine ,
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just another stealth tax (Cameron is a tax-and-spend socialist at heart).

    Binge drinkers are going to prioritise spending on booze top and let something else go hang so upping the cost will make no difference, Particularly as when they're half way there they are way past counting the cost.
  4. Another oft forgotten point is the position of the pub (not the American/Irish type bars) in the social fabric of the nation. They are already closing at an alarming rate ( http://www.camra.org.uk/page.aspx?o=232930 ) and an extra cost is not going to help. Another incentive to drink a bit cheaper at home or dash off for a weekend booze cruise. If a pub is a viable business, it's less likely to fall prey to the asset strippers.

    As hobbit observes, a blunt attack on the effect and not on the cause. Sorry to have slightly diverted your original thread, incidentally.
  5. A good point with the ' local' , as a young bloke the local served many purposes for me and a focal point of my social life . To lose such a valuable link in the social network not only causes drinking ( booze ) at home but the loss of social contact is very significant. Yeah , love the old pubs in UK and miss 'em heaps . Never go to pubs here and rarely drink apart from wine with a meal Loved all the pub signs too .
  6. It is I feel all part of the same problem, excessive drinking, which the quick fix is to make the drink more difficult to get either by price or paperwork. Of course in the end it does not have that much impact in the obvious way because you get home brew and the like. The problem is the social attitude but that takes time to fix, availability and low cost/tax is not the cause otherwise half of Europe would be out of it's mind all the time.
  7. Yes , although an attempt to somehow develop moderation in the consumption of alcohol by the indigenous population any intrusion or restriction on the general population will be strongly resisted hence ' where angels fear to trad '. It seems there will be an extension of ' booze control ' into the general population and as many ' Territorians ' view alcohol as Americans view ' the right to bear arms ' so there will be an outcry and political consequences . A further problem exists in the indigenous communities themselves where if the locals are prohibited from consuming alcohol the non-indigenous residents , police , education , health etc , who like a drink , may not accept such a restriction too easily . It will be an interesting exercise to observe and I sure hope it works out favourably for everyone .

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