Wher is all the help for the flooding from Europe??

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by YouAreHavingALaugh, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Anything like this happens in the world and we send millions of pounds and teams of people to help out, it happens to us and quick as a flash nothing from Europe.

    There is a pot of money that can be used in Europe for this, some countries used it when they had flooding in the last two years.

    Bet we do not get any though.

    Sh*t on yet again
  2. Actually the Government of the country affected has to make a request for the money, as did Germany a while ago. Our Government has not yet made that request, so we don't have access to any of the funds.
  3. I'm sure we gladly like to help you fellows out.
    It's indeed just upon your government to say where,when and how.

    But... since when did you become part of Europe then? ;)
  4. One is English one does not do these things one does not, as one sits in one of ones many homes one has and really feels for those unfortunates.
  5. I suspect they will get round to it when the panic and trying to work out how the spin the whole thing dies down a bit.
  6. [​IMG]

    Yeah Cloggie, thanks for that, but no thanks! I've seen those Cloggie International Aid Packages and all they have in them are those gopping Edam cheeses and giant supersize packets of shhprinkles! (What is it with you lot and your rather unhealthy obsession with shhprinkles anyway? Haven't you noticed that the rest of the civilized world use them to decorate cakes, rather than spreading them on bread and butter, cornflakes, soup, steak and chips, chicken casserole, etc. etc.)
  7. Wheres Bob Geldof when you need him, sunning himself in some desert no doubt, he should get back here and get his wellies on
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see call me Dave Cameron is away in the sun whilst parts of his constituency is undwater, good planning there
  9. Be nice to see a politician actually turn up at the scene of the incident and instead of playing VIP, actually got stuck in as one of the containment or decomtamination teams. Would be worth a few votes.

  10. Now that would be priceless! Imagine Brooooon, Boy Dave and Ming the Merciful alongside each other on a selection of old stirrup pumps, each one trying to pump faster than the other two while at the same time being savaged by Jeremy Paxman!
  11. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    We've had so much of our money stolen by Europe to line the pockets of the crooked, the FIRST thing we do whenever we get a chance is ask for some back!

    Cloggie, your finger in the dyke would be much appreciated ..
  12. Has Charlie Windsor put in an appearance yet to be pushed around in his blow up boat by some burly firemen?
  13. One is thinking of ones people one is.
  14. Spotted on the news some Asian chap loading up his motor with free bottled water when the rule is 2 crates per family, the mind boggles.

    The copper who was standing there should have got a grip of the situation.
  15. ahh but if the copper tried to stop him, he would have been classed as racist
  16. Just seen that on the 10 oclock news - wasnt just 1 asian chappie and then they claim Asda was telling them 2 packs per person - shame they didnt understand basic english....

    If you managed to see the whole report, you had Mr & Mrs Typical Brit in a queue taking their 2 packs of water while certain others groups were hoarding it by the crate. Why was the water not being issued from a crate to stop the hoarders taking all they wanted?

  17. I think the standard scenario goes something like this:

    Copper to WASP: Excuse me Sir, I couldn't help but notice that you've got more water inside the boot of your car than we've got surrounding the town! Each family is limited to two crates Sir, so please put the rest back.

    WASP to Copper: Haven't you got any real criminals you could be chasing?

    Copper to WASP: Sir, my feet are wet and cold, I've been on duty for the best part of a week, while my own house in under 2 feet of water and now you're really starting to give me the hump! Now put the water back , or I'm going to issue you with an on the spot fine.

    WASP to Copper: Yes Cuntstable (with much muttering under breath).

    Copper to Asian Gentleman: Excuse me Sir, I couldn't help but notice that you've got more water inside the boot of your car than we've got surrounding the town! Each family is limited to two crates Sir, so please put the rest back.

    Asian Gentleman to Copper: But, but, but .....(breaks into native language).

    Copper to Asian Gentleman: Do you speak English Sir?

    Asian Gentleman to Copper: But, but, but .....(breaks into native language).

    Copper to Asian Gentleman: (Slightly louder) Only two (two fingers shown) Water (imitates glugging from bottle).... two (two fingers shown and indicates crate of water) No more (shaking head at the other 15 crates in the gentleman's car).

    Asian Gentleman to Copper: But, but, but .....(breaks into native language, followed by shrug of shoulders and no attempt to put the water back).

    Copper wonders how this chap, with so little command of English and basic sign language, ever managed to discover the time and place that water was being issued. He knows that standard operating procedure dictates that when dealing with non-English speaking members of the community, a qualified interpreter must be provided in order to preserve their basic human and legal rights. He is aware that with so many television cameras and members of the press around, this could quite easily become a career limiting incident. He decides that there is something over the other side of the car park that requires his urgent attention. Asian gentleman cracks on with his pallet load of water.
  18. Having watched the same clip, the asian who was picked on by the TV bods was certainly not the only one with more than the 2 cases of water, and most of those collecting water were white. I suspet in the light of the chaotic way they were doing the distribution that one copper would have had a riot on his hands if he alone had tried to enforce the rules, not good with the TV cameras there
  19. Watched the same clip. The Asian family involved had a perfect command of the English language, as far as I could see and were just one example of those taking the mickey out of the system. It doesn't matter what your ethnic origin might be - a scrote's a scrote. The poor policewoman was overwhelmed.
  20. Edited, 'cos it was crap.

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