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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Reading lots of threads on here and it's fcuking great now I'm just an ex matelot and can really say what the fcuk I want instead of worrying about getting in the shit. Confession payday GANGES March 1973 up I march ships book number and get my brown envelope with me fortnights pay chuffed to fcuk I got £15 instead of £14 but that meant some poor fcuker only got £13 WTF you could get loads of tubes of smarties for £13 in those days. Now waiting for the crushers to turn up
  2. When I served in one ship I had the ship's book number of Twenty Six.
    I stepped up to the table shouts Two--Six, got my pay and trooped for sarcasm.
    Joss said it's not what you say ....it's the way that you say it, but he sung it to me , winked and trooped me anyhow.
    Two days Fourteens. B*stard. :evil:
  3. It know who shat on the dais at Collingwood before divisions in '03, I also pissed in the kettle of every reggy's teaboat I ever served with and it was me who threw the 814 sqn tigers off the arse end of the Fort Vic.
  4. You can fcuk off with the confessions, I know too much about an item that went swimming in Gib, and there are no Statute of limitations in UK. :( :wink:
  5. I used to reem my cheese infested cock round the LHOMs mug everytime I did chefs on the BRISTOL lord forgive me but he was a grade A - knob his feet stank like fcuk reckon he was dead fron the ankles down
  6. A bit like the OOW asking how do you get a full cup of kye to me no matter how rough the sea?
    Suck and blow my dear watson. :roll: :oops: :D
  7. Knocker was a tw*t on the CHERRY B as BM he used to come down to the wheelhouse and crack one off into the OOW Kye he'd say knocker my fine fellow sooooper kye laughed like fcuk every time he did it

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