When you left the mob !!


Left from Cochrane in 91. Pre discharge medical at 10am. Found lump on my port testicle. Had a scan in Dunfermline by 11.30am. Diagnosed as a cyst but should have it checked out every few months by my own doctor to see if it was growing. First check up was by a young female locum who had a good grope around and then remarked "somethings working ok down there" :oops:

Was informed all about my reserve liability and then received a letter about a month after discharge saying that as I lived in such a remote part of the country I wouldn't be required for any. :lol:

Had a leaving do in the JRs club rather than SRs mess as I felt closer to the young lads and lassies who worked under me than the SRs who I only saw now and then. A couple of the leading wrens organised it and it was an emotional evening (but very smokey which made my eyes water)