When you left the mob !!

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by pugfrom83, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Just read a post about someone going outside handing in their I/D card to a dissinterested killick writer got me thinking.

    I was once a killick writer on a discharge section. I was amazed at the absolute lack of interest by the CO and Senior Naval Officers at people going outside. Many of the guys going out had done 22. Only for the last person in the mob to see them off to be me (whoops maybe see them off is a bad choice of phrase but you know what I mean). I actually gave a f*ck and spent half my time badgering DO's to give these people a decent set of Cert Quals etc. The one that will stick in my mind is the WO that had done 34 years having joined at 15. This guy was in tears. I always used to offer to let the person leaving cut up their I/D card if they so wished. To some it was a joy and to others they didn't really give a sh1t. This guy asked me to wait until he left to do it and when I asked if he wanted a photocopy for a momento he nearly kissed me. Although he had had a leaving chat with the old man. I really don't think it would have been too much trouble for either him or the CDR to escort said WO to the Main Gate on his final day. But his last memories of the mob would be some killick scribes that he had never met, wishing him good luck. Although the resettlement package is vastly improved nowadays I do feel the leaving routine (unless it has changed recently) leaves a lot to be desired.
  2. A nice gesture from you

    For me, it felt like I had never existed......still, if you can't take a joke, don't join
  3. Depending upon ones experience and outlook, personaly I was asked if the Commodore could see me before I left. Unfortunately I didn't have a spare slot in the diary for him. Better not waste time.
    Yes I was sorry to be leaving the forces after doing 27yrs, but was also looking forward to my new life as well. The Naval family I left behind will always be there and I know, like a ship being paid off for the last time, you have your memories, more good than bad, you remember the characters you've known and the Wrens barracks where you almost got caught after trapping. Yes it was a sad day, but I was thankfull that I came out a better reprobate then I went in.
    After all Naval Tradition dictates that it's only Clearance Divers and Muppets who are escorted off navy barracks, Commodore wants to ensure that the main gates aren't lifted! :wink:
  4. Got to agree....I went outside from Cochrane...and the routine was painless and impersonal! Always remember returning my kit there...and this old civvy taking it from me. I said I wanted to keep my No 1's....my oppo on my last draft had asked for them as we were both the same hight etc....and they were pretty new too...cost me a few quid from the naval jailer in Pompy. He says''''ye canny! I said why not....I feckin paid for them. He responded with...have you any smokes? So I said if I give you some duty free fags...can I keep the No 1's. He responded with an affirmative. I picked up the No 1's, and as I walked out the door, said..'sorry mate, I don't feckin smoke!....A perfect introduction to civvy street for me... :D
  5. I did OK, the troops laid on a surprise DTS in the mess (with prezzies) the day before and also a mess dinner (first and only time on the top table!!!).

    Down side was when I was doing the discharge routine and went to hand my kit in they told me I had reserve liability. Told them I'd just completed 2OE and I hadn't. Evidently there was a signal out 10 years previously which changed the rules so I kept everything incl AGR. Got plenty of foul weather gear for walking the dog and shedloads to go on e-bay in a couple of years time :lol:
  6. I had my leaving interview at Nelson with a rather cheeky little Wren Scribbler called Amy. I took her out for scran that night and got a blowie from her at the Holiday Inn at Gunwharf Quays.

    Best leaving interview I've ever had!
  7. Barsteward.....the only blow I got was finding out I still had reserve liability 8O :evil: :evil:
  8. I left the mob after 22 from Northwood last year, I had a leaving do in the mess, which also allowed the JR's from my section in for the night (nice touch). The 2I/C presented me with my leaving certificate, the mess press presented me with my leaving gift from the mess. My WO also personal friend layed on a corp of drums for me also, as well as presenting me with leaving gifts from my section not only for me but my wife also.
    I hope this carried on when I left, as it was commented on that too many time-served members where leaving the mob with no ceremony whatsoever.

    PS, enjoying getting paid for overtime for a change, but some civvies have not sense of humour at all.
  9. When I left in'79, there were so many leaving that it was almost a production line sort of discharge. Luckily, I'd done my medical and got rid of my AGR at Culdrose, so that eliminated waiting for the civvy to come back from his 2 hour lunch. Began at 8, in the "Duty Watch" for 2 o'clock, including a DTS in the SR's Mess with a few old ships. At one time, all SR's had to see the Commodore, but there were so many going outside then, it would've occupied most of his day. Nobody cried, nobody said thank you and nobody seemed to care. And nobody asked why I was leaving.
  10. Pretty much the same for everyone then. I didn't even do a release medical, joined Forest Moor for terminal leave at 0745, after much paper shuffling and head scratching the PO scribes admitted he wasnt expecting me and asked if i wanted to leave right then. Gave him my bank details and ID card which he cut up, signed a couple of forms then sat there while he shuffled a few more paper then looked up and muttered the old "You still here?" line. Still had all my kit including agr until a few months back when the lot went in the local tip, mess undress, ones, the lot. Was in the local for opening time feeling more than a little disoriented - at least some things stay constant i guess :D :D
  11. I had a Valedictory Certificate presentation at Cottesmore. The DIN stated for a senior rate the presentation had to by a Captain, as it was my choice I did not want any Crab fats there (Group Captain at Cott) I asked if the Commander could do it (RN), no crabfats present at all, except for the steward who made the tea. My boss was most put out (Crab WO).

    So my leaving was really good. I did not want a crab giving me in one hand and thinking, there goes another matelot, good riddence with the other.

    Felt good handing in the car pass as I left for the last time!!!!
  12. I got a gift and card off the Civi's and POWren in the Ops Room of the Tower of Culdrose because they knew me from when I was drafted there before my last ship. Then it was see ya laters your on recall for 3 years cheers now.

    I drove home from Culdrose to Redruth and that was that

  13. PMSL , Brilliant way to leave the Andrew .
  14. Did my leaving routine, and was told to get my car out the gate BEFORE I handed in my ID card, so I could not be rude and then drive away?????

    Came out with two other blokes and ended up bringing them up the line with me. Arrived at my next place of employment as told to get my clocking in details for a week Monday as it was spring bank holiday.

    Met new supervisor, hated new supervisor, new supervisor hated me.

    Come to show us all how tough you are he said snickering.
    As he lay unconscious on the floor I thought "I need a job".
    The bloke I came up the line with Dicky Davis had sparked him and then told me,..."Oppo, you don't want to work for him, he's violent"

    Yeah I remember leaving the mob. :oops: :cry: :roll:
  15. Wots this "Valedictory Certificate" thingy?

    Edited: "Oh, crap - no, not you "Thingy" just "thingy". I knew I should have re-read this post before I sent it ....
  16. A certificate that says something along the lines of:

    Cheers for your time done shippers, you weren't a bad lad, if you are still under 55 come back and we can do it again sometime.

    Signed on original


    I filed mine in the big round cabinet under my desk.
  17. It's a cheers easy type of certificate with a precis of your career and "proud to have served with you dit " on the end. Got mine from the Commodore Raleigh in cheap picture frame. Wifey hung it on the wall in the spare room.

    The WO(Cox'n) and I actually wrote it one afternoon, Commodore signed it and presented it
  18. I never got one of them lol

    I just got the usual paper work and discharge papers
  19. I'm with Tommo on this.
    Perhaps there were too many people being made redundant back in '96 so they didn't bother.

    Seen off on me last day in the mob - typical.

    The BJ story is a cracker though - lucky git! :)
  20. I still remember my D.O. telling me that I would be back.
    "I won't" I said.
    "You will" he said.

    I was even asked at the point of leaving to consider staying.

    I did return, but only to visit Navy Days as a Civvy.

    Do I miss it. Of course I do! Best time of my life. :wink:

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