When Women Rule the World

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dave_88, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. Last night did anybody watch the programme on channel 4 called "When Women Rule the World"? Certainly made for very interesting viewing. The leaders all fighting & the slaves just getting on with it. Excellent social experiment in my opinion.

    Thoughts? Feelings? Anyone?
  2. Sorry when? I thought we did already.
  3. 'The leaders all fighting & the slaves just getting on with it. Excellent social experiment in my opinion'......

    Sums up the state of the world at the moment, doesn't it ?

    'Sorry when? I thought we did already'.

    Agreed. It's just a pity women's power is conducted in a subversive manner alot of the time, either through fear or lack of other options.It would be nice for women to come out of the shadows more and meet men half way but the odds are stacked against it. Too many are taught it's not OK to speak up (though a good few do).

    Wonder whether there will ever be a re-balancing between the sexes... by that, I mean when gender-bashing on both sides stops and people learn to respect the values of the opposite sex. We could, essentially, complement each other beautifully.
  4. No,we just let you think you do! :thumright:
  5. Which woman told you you have authority to say that - get back to cleaning out the kitchen utensil drawers or whatever else it is that you are permitted to do by your wife!
  6. oooh, wash your mouth out with soap!!
  7. Fair one. Us men are lazy and will, quite frankly, do anything for a quiet life. Letting the ladies think they are in charge is simply an integral part of that important doctrine.

  8. No offence meant,I'll get back to my ironing if thats ok by you boss!

    Just done her tea ready for when she comes in from work,had to get up off the settee but I managed even though it was a struggle. :thumright:
  9. Lol - Think of it this way - Who has the final say about what happens in the bedroom? The lady (in reality.. us men rarely say no do we?)

    And we will do silly things just to keep the missus happy - even if its not needed (ie - flowers, films, romantic nights out) - and why? So we have some fun in the bedroom later on.

    Alright, we don't think of it on such simplistic levels..

    But I'm just pointing out that women have a HUGE amount of control without realising it.

  10. My old mother in law who was a piece of shite. Her favourite statement was.

  11. If women DID rule the world there would be cushions and candles everywhere. Every shop would sell shoes and handbags. Nothing would get done as they'd be on the phone talking bollox for hours. Jars would remain un-opened and no car would be parallel parked.

    Looking out the window it is obvious to m.......

    Yes love, on my way. You want me to open that for you?
  12. Haha- its funny cos its true! XD

    (Simple things and all with me :lol:)
  13. Look! Yesterday I had two menapausal lesbians trying to tell me first, how to drive, giving me crap info about fishing, and then how to cook and clean..by the end of the day I was up for emigrating to the moon and letting them get on with ruling the world, only a couple of large drinks saved my sanity.
    One lady in that state is a lot to cope with. But, no one should ever be asked to deal with two of 'em.
  14. If you want to discuss cleaning with menopausal lesbians, you deserve all you get. :bball:
  15. True, very true!
  16. Ah well, it could have been worse -

    Menopausal Feminists :s - that’s gotta be scary XD
  17. Cleaning I can understand but fishing,no way.

    They are best sticking to what women know best about, fluffy animals and flowers and all that type of stuff. ^_^;
  18. The only thing I can think of worse is a bar full of them! I'm not sure how many were menopausal but I tried not to talk to any of them as they were all scary as - I would rather call a marine a Para!

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