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When Will Things Happen? (Roughly)


So I'm 15, in year 11, and I'm going in for my RT on the 2nd of October, just a few quick questions. What will happen at my RT? (Fitness, interview, ect) and how long is the time line (roughly) between my Rt, PJFT, and the pre naval course, Thanks!"


So I'm 15, in year 11, and I'm going in for my RT on the 2nd of October, just a few quick questions. What will happen at my RT? (Fitness, interview, ect) and how long is the time line (roughly) between my Rt, PJFT, and the pre naval course, Thanks!"

Sorry fellas, I'm actually gonna help this kid.
As far as I understand, your recruitment process will go as follows:

Your RT will be a bunch of multiple choice questions on maths, English and mechanical comprehension. As you're still in school this should be fresh in your mind and simple enough.

Following that, dependent on your success, you will have a formal interview, be sure to wear your shiny shoes and suit and be confident.

Then a medical check which involves stripping to your kecks and doing some funny walks, a hearing test and height and weight measurements.

Next is your PJFT (the stage I am currently at) start training now, make sure you can run 2.4k in a decent amount less than required.

Upon passing that, there's a security check to see if you've been a good boy and you're safe to handle classified info etc.

Then your AFCO will start bidding for your place at HMS Raleigh, once they have a date, you will be booked in for your pre navy course, which I'm fairly sure is 4 days long.
Fairly sure it's a pass fail course, you will be required to do your 2.4k a further 2 times on this course.

As for time, I applied the beginning of this year, but had to do a bit of waiting around for letters to go back and forth between my doctor and theirs, and I somewhat embarrassingly failed my PJFT first time.
Have it in 2 weeks again, and am running it in 9:30ish now.

I'm sure if I've got any info wrong, the lovely ladies and gents here will correct me.

Final bit of advice, if you try and find the answers to your questions with the search bar, people will be nicer.

Hope that lot helps.

You're god damn welcome.
He's 15, I bet he can search, text, ride his bike, drink an bottle of scrumpy jack and light a fag at the same time

It takes me both hands and the edit button to most of my posts

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Welcome onboard young un, stick around we need the members

It get rough sometimes but just think how jack you will be when you finally get to Raleigh

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Aha Cheers, I've had a reply (as you can see) but where may I find this? Is it on this website or on the actual Navy website, because if its on the actual website I'm a bit of a twat and I can't find it.


Thank you so much dude, exactly what I was looking for, I guess I could have searched around a bit, but Iwasn't really sure where to look, so thank you!


No trouble fender, if you are sticking around, (you should) I recommend doing what I did and just reading all the posts you can, you'll get an idea of how people are here, and what questions are a bad idea, and gain most of the information you need anyways. Let the less informed/intelligent make the mistakes for you.

You're god damn welcome.


War Hero
The sequence is on the RN website, hidden away under the Careers tab and the cunningly worded "How to Join" header.

The selection sequence above is correct, too and it's appreciated it's easier to bring the answers to the enquirer rather than the reverse.

Good luck.


Ah yes, I've seen that, but getting it from a person and seeing what's involved and having little tips (eg; wear shiny shoes) does genuinely help, also seeing what's involved with the medical, also didn't know about the security clearance, but yea, thank you for being nice about it :)


Book Reviewer
Fender, the best advice that anyone can give you is to use the search button at the top right of the screen, there is masses of information contained there, I would think that just about every question has been asked. The main advantage is that you can wade through stuff at your own speed. Good luck.


Sorry fellas, I'm actually gonna help this kid.

Next is your PJFT (the stage I am currently at) start training now, make sure you can run 2.4k in a decent amount less than required.

Hey there mate, it's been on my mind, how long was the waiting time from your RT to your PJFT, I have my RT this Thursday, and I was wondering how much time I have to improve my cardio.

Cheers :)


It's was around about 4 months, I had my medical between the two. Start running now, it's never early enough.
Remember, the time that you have to pass in (11:09) is the bare minimum that they will accept. Aim for less than 10 mins and you'll smash it.
If you have access to a treadmill, set it to 14kph, run for 10:18, done.

You're god damn welcome.
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