When will hear about my entry date in writing?

hi, I'm joining as a sea spec and I've completed all my recruitment stages about a month ago and I've rang my AFCO and they said October 2016 for my Raleigh date but nothing on my PRNC which would be nice to know for training purposes.

So wanted to know how long from now until I should get something in writing?

Sorry if it's abit long winded and in the wrong place


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Once you are allocated a specific start date, you'll be sent a letter which outlines the provisional offer of service.

Once you are advised of the start date, the prnc will be requested.

Assuming you've passed the PJFT & completed your security clearance application, your careers adviser will request an allocated entry date - if they estimate an October entry, you should hear before the end of June, I'd have thought.
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