When will AETs be trained on f35?

Ah ok so if there expecting us to have operational jsfs by next year would it be safe to assume that there will be folks going to norfolk during phase 2b next year ?(im hoping so )
I assume so, however if the Lightning Force is anything like its predecessor I suggest VL or CU circuits.

Are the 6 fingers preventing the use of capitals? :)


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Im new to this forum lark usually dont bother with the grammer when texting on facebook messenger haha. I read somewhere the Raf may end up buying the A variant aswell instead of all STVOL versions.?
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I can tell.

Those of us who fly in aircraft, service or civilian would rather that the mechanics, technicians and engineers use all the aircraft fastenings and components that the designer intended. Sober pilots are a plus.
Haha reminds me of a story my dad told me , was about a shackelton he went on with bits flying off mid flight and aircrew wearing funny hats and sandles .


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Charles Haddon-Cave's report into the loss of XV230 and all on board is subtitled:

A Failure of Leadership, Culture and Priorities.



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There are already RN techies serving on the jet at Edwards and Beaufort.

Operational Test and Evaluation
The 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron is responsible for operational test of the F-35A. The squadron evaluates the jet, its support equipment and the logistics supply system in an operationally representative environment. The Netherlands’ first two F-35As are stationed at Edwards for operational testing, strengthening the program’s international partnership and collaboration. The ultimate goal is determining the best uses of the F-35A in real-world combat. Operational tests with the F-35 will include evaluations of the aircraft’s situational survivability and the execution of flight operations at home and in battle. Nellis AFB is also involved in operational test of the F-35A.

In addition, the United Kingdom’s Royal Air Force (RAF) 17 Squadron began operational testing of their F-35B early in 2015. The squadron is responsible for all the test and evaluation of the U.K.’s first F-35 Lightning II. Personnel from 17 (R) Sqn, which is made up of engineers and pilots from the RAF and Royal Navy, are flying and maintaining their jets independently from their U.S. colleagues.

Lightning Strikes 100 Year Old Squadron
10 February 2015

News articles by date

Operational testing of the UK’s first F-35B Lightning ll aircraft started this week at Edwards Air Force Base in California by 17 (Reserve) Squadron, 100 years after the unit was first established.

The squadron, which was first formed in 1915, will be responsible for all the test and evaluation of the UK’s first F-35B.

The aircraft, known as BK-1, is stationed at Edwards Air Force Base (AFB) and will be operated under UK regulations. Personnel from 17 (R) Sqn, which is made up of engineers and pilots from the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Royal Navy, will fly and maintain the jets independently from their US colleagues - an important step towards the UK developing its Joint Strike Fighter capability.

A parade and flypast to mark the centenary and their new role with the F-35 Lightning II will be held at Edwards AFB today. Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford will attend, along with representatives from some of the UK companies involved in the manufacturing of the F-35.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Andrew Pulford, said:

“Today is an important day for both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. The start of UK operational testing on the Lightning II aircraft is a significant milestone for us; although our relationship with the United States as partners on the Joint Strike Fighter Programme remains as strong as ever. Our collaboration with the US Armed Forces on the world’s largest and most advanced defence project is a clear demonstration of our enduring close military partnership with the United States.

“I am delighted to be here at Edwards Air Force Base today to celebrate the centenary of Number 17 (R) Squadron. Their new role in developing and testing the UK’s fifth generation fighter aircraft will be an exciting new chapter in the Squadron’s rich and proud history.”

Over the last 100 years, 17 (R) Sqn has seen action in Egypt, Burma and Japan and the Squadron has previously flown Hurricanes, Spitfires and Tornados.

Now the Squadron is flying the F-35 Lightning II, a multi-role stealth aircraft capable of undertaking a wide range of operations from land and sea. Equipped with an array of advanced sensors, highly integrated mission systems and air to air and air to ground weapons, the aircraft will provide the RAF and Royal Navy with fifth generation capability from 2018.

Commanding Officer of 17 (R) Squadron, Wing Commander James Beck, said:

“For a pilot, it’s a dream come true to fly from Edwards Air Force Base. It’s where Chuck Yeager flew from and now we’re the first nation outside of America to flythe F35 independently under our own regulations.”

Petty Officer Gary Lister has served for 28 years in the Royal Navy, and is responsible for maintaining the ejection seats and crew escape system, as well as managing the weapons on the aircraft. Petty Officer Lister commented:

“The F-35 has a myriad of sensors and technologies which means every aspect of the aircraft is constantly being tested. This means when snags are found, they aren’t just fixed, but analysed and scrutinised to help future fault diagnosis and streamline the maintenance effort; it’s a hugely complex aircraft which will give both the navy and the RAF a superb capability”

While testing and evaluation of BK-1 is underway at Edwards Air Force Base, over 2000 miles away at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort in South Carolina, the first aircraft that will be used operationally – BK-3 – has just arrived. Working alongside US Marine Corps colleagues, UK personnel will fly BK-3, which will form part of the UK’s first front-line Lightning II unit, 617 Squadron, operating from RAF Marham and then Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class Carriers from 2018
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Im new to this forum lark usually dont bother with the grammer when texting on facebook messenger haha...

Seriously, grammar matters. Get into good habits now.

...I read somewhere the Raf may end up buying the A variant aswell instead of all STVOL versions.?
Given current funding issues, it's questionable whether we'll get the full purchase of F-35Bs so I can't see us getting As yet, particularly as we'd need to pay to develop drogue AAR on it.


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