When, where and why were you disrated?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. Leading on from the best rate/rank to be thread lets have the disrating horror stories, this is mine.

    Boy/Junior Seaman 1st Class was very good rate to be until they disrated me back to Boy/Junior Seaman 2nd Class in my 47th week of Service not promoting me again until my 49th week of service showing a 14 days break in my good conduct. Offence: Did insult CPO Garnham PJX/****** Instructor in the New Entries Division (Annexe) predudicial to Naval Good Order and Disipline. The said CPO Garnham having been my Instructor in the Annexe nearly a year before.

    I think they may have made it longer but you had to be a Boy/Junior Seaman 1st Class to pass out of Ganges which I did on my 51st week.

    Still it was less painful than 6 cuts.

  2. Lost a badge onboard Hms Danae , in Auckland. The charge " Aiding and abeting a junior rank to abscond from Her Majesty Navy" FFS only took his holdall ashore for him!!! Because he meet a girl, and decided to go on the run. 4 pence a day!!!Ha Ha :thumright: Kept the other one and hook intact :whew: :whew: :thumright:
  3. I was a good boy (never got caught) and manaed to keep my rate. However, I always found it to be a bit strange that someone who did lose a rate nearly always made it to Chief just as quick if not quicker had they not lost it in the first place.

  4. Does Nutty hold the record for being demoted at the most junior rank..... or has anyone ever neen demoted back to Nozzer :lol:
  5. Got fined £600 for giving someone a haircut he didn't want!!! 1982 Port Stanley harbour at anchor 2 days after the Argy surrender. I was pissed, I was also Leading Hand of the Mess lucky to keep my badge and my rate. Jossman had just left the mess after pissing up with us. They didn't find out about our easy access the the NAAFI beer store - only took three cans to get me pissed after not drinking for 3 months.
    That £600 was all the money I'd saved, the 1st missus never did get that holiday, just the house when we divorced.
  6. 1977, 48th Fife(Dalgety Bay) Cub Scouts. Got busted from Patrol Leader to Assistant Patrol Leader for stealing some sweets. I was so ashamed that I've always paid much more attention to not getting caught ever since!
  8. Not disrated (only a JMEM) but...

    Returning shitfaced to the Zulu in '79 one night through Chatham DY. My sea daddy 'Wee Jock', a fiery bootneck (good days of ships det & ships butchers), decided to hot wire a car just inside the gate 'cos we couldn't be arsed to walk. Mod Plod pinged us; hauled into meat wagon and got shafted for a weekend of cock n arse do's on QD.

    Several weeks later, (pissed again) 0105 and adrift...

    OOD - 'What time do you call this?' he says waving my corner cut Stn Card,
    ME - '5 past one, Slur!

    Charged with insurbordination (as well as adrift etc)...!!! For answering his fecking question!!
  9. :lol: Perhaps he wasn't a fan of Slur?
  10. I wasn't disrated but did point blank refuse to request my second good conduct badge because I knew the twats would make me sew them on, and I only had a few months to go.

    Cue long meetings with lots of important people demanding I request it, with me bringing in a dictionary to suggest what 'request' actually means.
  11. Got fined £100 in 82 at Ascension when I topped up a pongo staff sergeants hat when I couldnt find the heads... Is that where the expression shithead comes from???
  12. Lost a badge in Malta with stoppage of leave and rum, warrant no 12, month later lost my hook in Gib, warrant no 13. Drink involved in both cases, Happy Jack the Cox'n very happy. Ajax deployment to the Med as Gib Guardship Jan '70.


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