When We Were Very Young


Lantern Swinger
I would love to participate, but I don't have any pics of me younger than 18 on my com...and I'd still be distinctly recognisable :neutral:
The SLR kit on there brings back some memories mate, along with the uber comfy tin lid!

And were you also made to stand stag with a pick helve rather than weapon? I often wondered what the flying fcuk I was supposed to do with that if anything were to kick off.
Pick Helve and a Bardic lamp, back then 42 had an old wooden fence around it, with stiles so the ramblers could use the right of way through the camp! :grin:
It must be Bootneck gear because it can't be Army kit. If you look in the top, right quarter there appears some sort of dhoby kit (next to the make-up set).

MMMmmm, fruit AB :love4:


War Hero
Dear mother of fucking God..... What's with the extremely large Beanie.... did you double up as bennie hill when off stag?

Anyway, I was going to post a fit young and handsome me at about 17 with some army chick in a skirt but fucked if I can resize the photo to fit, jeez it's like the crypton factor.

AND....AND.....AND...... A FUCKING BIC RAZOR............ Go to the nearest corner Blackrat and repeat 100 times... " I sir, am a dirty, smelly pongo" :)
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