When we were kids.

After lingyi post ref CB ing,I started to think about things from when I was a young lad,you know the things you miss.If this topic has already been done ,please forgive me as I am a mong. Here is my little list.

A) Football stickers you know the ones that came with an album,you would collect loads and fill your book,and also take swappseys in to school to swap with your mates.

B) BMX bikes -loads of kids whizzing up and down your street making ramps,jumping each other .All from your neigbourhood, great times.

C) Being a paper boy- Up well early to deliver your papers then the same after school ,sundays were always the worst with all those supplements.
all for £4 a week.

D) Wimpy- The first high street hamburger total crap actually them MACCY D's came along.I still remember when my dad took me for my first Mcdonalds.

Just a few to start you off,please join in.

All my street cred has vanished because of that slur!!!

It was Ling!

Thats LING!

Ahem, anyway.

I remember waiting for what seemed like frigging hours for a burger and chips in Wimpy :roll:

Had a Raleigh Commando,

Pannini Stickers ?? Is that what they were?

I also remember being dragged swimming witha pair of trunks that had a belt on them! A BELT!! I ask ya! Took me years to get over that it did! :)
Aztec bars.....I used to love them as a kid.

Playing games such as tracking and British bulldog (none of this sitting in front of a tv with a PS3)

The fish and chips at Wimpey..........and also the chicken burger in a bun...just yummy!
Pee in empty milk bottle, return to door at an angle, knock and run away.

Change peoples gates over.

Get your mate to sit in a barrow and collect a penny for the guy.

It was a sad childhood, we didn`t even have telly, a radio working on big fuck off accumulators.

And so to bed. :w00t:
Being an only child (does it show??) I could happily amuse myself for hours with a book and my imagination. I hated team sports, and indeed still do, and anything involving getting dirty.
Oh Blimey - must be my Raleigh Chopper, Texan ("Sure is a mighty chew") Bars, having to wear my brother's hand me down clothes to school ( he was 7 yrs older than me !!! ), Swap Shop on Saturday mornings - still remember their phone number 01 811 8055 (sad git I am), going to the phone box with my 2p to listen to Dial-a disc, Beano magazines and working on the farm during summer holidays

Oh and dont forget long hot summers, like 1976 and real snow in winter (like 1983)
KLNA-Cessna-Jockey said:
Swap Shop on Saturday mornings - still remember their phone number 01 811 8055 (sad git I am)
PMSL :thumright: Then it was Saturday Superstore and Going Live. Who could forget the 5 Star phone in with some bright kid asking "Why are 5 Star so f*cking crap?
Making your own things like go carts and bikes ( couldn't afford anything new!)...bike frame from here, coupla wheels from there, scrounge some handlebars and seat and away you go!! Go carts from a plank of wood, wheels stolen from some pram and you were made....bowling car tyres with a stick untill you lost control of the damn thing and it hit a car or something...then getting a clip round the ear from the local bobby...then one from you Dad when you got home...
Coal, Andym! I remember the winter of '47, when there were five of us huddled around a Polo mint for warmth.

If we wanted anything, we'd spend Saturday afternoons, with twenty feet of rope and a Butchers hook, dragging the local canal for Pram wheels.

For Bonfire night, Brock's Penny Bangers were the bee's knees. Place one under a metal dustbin lid and see how high the explosion would lift it. Anything over twelve feet was considered a penny well spent and, for ten old pennies, you could make it rain dustbin lids.



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Air raid sirens. Gas masks. Doodlebugs. Ration books. Identity cards. The local policeman with his wooden leg (had a motor bike with sidecar to get about on). The Beano column 'Musso da Wop, he's a Big Adda-Flop'. And eventually a huge bonfire with a guy of Adolf on the top of it. Happy days!

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