When to apply for Accelerated Apprenticeship Entry?


I’m currently in my third year of studying Engineering with a desire to join the RN as a Marine Engineer through the AA scheme.
I currently have a L2 & L3 Diploma in Engineering and am working towards a Merit for the L3 Extended Engineering Diploma.
I’m concerned about extended wait times for entry due to the continuing pandemic and would like to ask about when to apply.
Can I apply before I finish college if I have a target grade?
If yes, should I apply now if I’d ideally like to start in the first half of next year?
I’m new to the forum so hoping someone can advise or point me in the right direction.
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Wedge Ant

I applied in late November for what was a high priority role, UGAS, and was just given a start date of late June.

I'm no expert but if you're open about when your course finishes then I can't imagine your recruiter having a problem with you opening your application now. Depending on how your medical goes, the whole application could take over a year anyway.

Best of luck to you


I started my application for AA Aircraft Engineer in September 2019 and start Phase 1 on the 8th February. Still had the last year of college to finish so was waiting a while however I did have to do the security vetting and PJFT twice since it is no longer valid after a year. AFCO understands when you need/want to finish education before joining so will work with it no problem.

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