When ships go (seriously) bad.

bigbaddog said:
Similar to Bergens "Roughers" pic, upside down, on fire, had an argument with the jetty etc etc:-

Sometimes there are no fires, no storms, the GM's are taken into account and everything is peachy.

I took this picture a couple of hours ago...beautiful evening :thumright:


OR [The 50 man life-boats on the bow will add some scale]

BUT.................sometimes really do go pear-shaped :salut: Bummer

letthecatoutofthebag said:
Crabman said:
Not being a maritime type I have to ask this, HTF to you get a ship to play dead in harbour? Neat trick though, what's the encore?
Easy, set fire to the ship and get the local fire brigade to fight the fire. They'll pump it full of water trying to extinguish it. If they use too much water they'll upset the stability of the ship and it'll keel over. Has happened a couple of times... Seem to remember some black and white phots of a (civvies) ship in Liverpool that had a fire and the same thing happened.
Thanks for that. Sounds a very reliable way to fight fires on board; sink the ship!

Of coure if you`re going to pump that much water on/into the ship just drill a hole in the bottom to let it all out! Volunteers?
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