when is the main summer leave?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by nufc70, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. was just wondering when the main summer leave break up is? because im due to start my phase 1 training on june 14th which means i'll be hopefully passing out in mid august time. and im wanting to know if i'm gonna have a period of leave before starting my phase 2? i just got back from my RNAC at HMS Caledonia and the staff there couldnt give me an exact date for the summer leave. if anyone on here knows when it is it would be a great help?

  2. Raleigh go on Summer Leave 7 August and return 7 September so you'll have a break during Phase 1.
  3. I am hopefully passing out of raleigh on the 7th august so when wud i be going for phase 2? that following monday or later?
  4. I'm fairly certain that the other Training Establishments also return from leave on 7 September so no, you'll have Summer Leave then proceed to your new unit. Ideal situation in my opinion.
  5. :roll: :roll: Bloody hell 1 months summer leave :oops: We use to have that spilt for advanced and retard Summer leave party :wink: :?
  6. I like the way that before you've even started training, you want to know when you'll be getting leave! :lol:

    Bless! :D
  7. Prior Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
  8. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    nufc, what are you joining up as?
  9. Ermmmm.... you seem to have a P-ing problem. ;)
  10. Has obviously changed a bit Scouse since your day and all training establishments have at least three weeks leave these days.

    By the way, did your lad enjoy the Stoke V Arsenal reserves game the other evening?
  11. Think positive , Act positive :D :D
  12. Is that right about Raleigh going on summer leave on 7th August?
    Im due to start on the 12th of July and'll have only been there four weeks before summer leave, seems a bit pointless to start training if theres going to be four weeks of leave when your only half way through training.
  13. Not at all mate. When I joined in March 77, went on Easter leave after three weeks of training and then returned for the final three weeks. Some did not return by all accounts, not my class of Radio Operators, but some others.
  14. If you think that through logically you are suggesting that all entry to the Service is suspended for two months running up to each leave period - hardly a good use of resources is it?

    Edit: D165.... Brigham?
  15. Some only have a week before leave (funny how that works out).
  16. True B2B. I think many feel that is not ideal - instructors, trainees etc. but it's a numbers game and at the moment they're being crammed through.

    Edited to point out that I do not mean to suggest that there is any detriment to the standard of training at Raleigh.
  17. My post was in no way meant to be derogatorily. Just pointing out the way things are.
  18. Guzzler,

    Yes mate.
  19. There has always been "training leave" at Raleigh, and presumably at other training establishments. It was intended to make up for the fact that the training staff worked a 13 day fortnight, from early doors (if you had a Part 1 class you were there by wakey-wakey) until late (same class- dog watch instruction), and you were also on alternate Sunday divisions. In addition you kept duties as Part 1 or Part 2 instructor. When leave came round you felt as if you were entitled to a few days more than those not on instructional duties.
    I don't know how today's Navy work it out. Raleigh seemed to "die" at weekends last time I visited in 2006.

  20. im joining as an ET(ME). what are you joining up as?

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