When is a resignation not a resignation?


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Just heard on the radio that the Boss of HMRC, Paul Gray, who resigned over the missing discs with 25 million details, is in fact now working in the Cabinet Office. Salary £200K +. You couldn't make it up.


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I heard that, apparantly he's still getting paid from his old job till the end of the month, so is effectivley working for free at the minute.

The big question will be if he's retained in January.
So in effect he has been promoted out of the job he cocked up. Has this government no shame at all. This was but a fake resignation.
It's interesting that a senior civil servant carries the can for Ministerial policy re failed systems and gets a £40K pay increase (if the Daily Semaphore is to be believed). It would be interesting to know if the junior civil servant cum scapegoat has received similar favourable treatment?
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