when in deep stop digging

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. FFS been blagging on here for the last hour spinning shite and I forgot I was meeting the growler to go xmas shopping (I'd rather gargle me grandads vomit) but I'm deep in the guanno now - bollocks might as well fcuk off to the pub seeing as I'm already up shit creek. Whats another divorce no kids to pay maintenance for. fcuk me why am I still here???
  2. Haha!

    Don't fcuk with the long haired Chief of Staff.

  3. Sounds expensive
  4. hit em for a penny hit em for a pound.
  5. Think I'll hit her with a hammer life in Barlinnie has got to be better than this
  6. Good drills Stan, I like you. I think you should be my new father-in-law.
  7. Drills, good idea, far more fun than a hammer. You can vary the speed and drill bit. Just clamp their head in a vice, use a nice large wood drill bit, set the drill on the slowest speed and see how long it takes before the screaming stops.
  8. i would use a grinding stone rather than a drill bit it would last longer or even better a countersink drill bit imaging the skin on her skull wrapping round it and crinkling up then ripping as the natural elasticity reached its limit
  9. Then I do the real cunning stunt put her in a drum of acid till her minge gets fishy (fcuk its like that already) sell her expensive trinkets (I bought the fuckers anyway) shag her mum to keep her quiet then fcuk off to the West Indies to some dirty coloured wench who swallows without dripping about the taste
  10. I'm your man for the job then.

    I'm Black, and I'll deck her. 8O :oops: :roll:

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