when finishing basic training!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by navy-ash, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. when you finish your training, do you get a set ammount of time off before you continue? i am joining as a chef, and i was wondering how long is the training before i acctually pass out? and it says in the booklet you get £13.000 upon entry, is that after you pass out? thanks alot
  2. You pass out on a Friday and commence your chef's training (or holdover for the next course) the following Monday unless the break happens to be over a main leave period.

    Regardless of trade you will pass out after nine week's basic training.

    The £13000 referred to is not a lump-sum payment, it is your approximate annual salary for the first six months.
  3. £13,000 for 6 months, eh? Not bad rates, then?
  4. I say again, your approximate annual salary for the first six months.
  5. ok, call me dumb lol, but im now confused ^^ lol
  6. OK I'll bite - Your Dumb.

    You said call you dumb!!!!!!!!!!
  7. If you stop saying lol and indicate what it is that you don't understand I'll try to explain.
  8. You're dumb.
  9. Easy.
  10. Rats :shakefist:
  11. Kin ell,i got £75 when i left Raleigh en route to my part 2 training in RNH Haslar!How things have changed!
  12. I hate hijacked threads but since NA got an answer (i think)


    Every 2nd Thurs...
    '869J Sir', Pay Officer slapped 25 quid on top of my S1511 (ID Card) held out in my left hand whilst saluting, then I right turned & quick marched off.
    Woe betide anyone who dare question the sum placed in yer mit whilst the Joss was in earshot.
  13. As you've already been told you will only get the weekend off when you finish phase one training at Raleigh (First 9 weeks), You will then transfer to the Logisitics School (Which is still at Raleigh) for 26 weeks Chef training. So you will finally pass out after approx 8 months training.

    Your initial pay is based on an annual salary of 13,013 which roughly means you will take home £770 per month. After 26 weeks service (from the day you join up) you will get an automatic pay raise to £16,226 which roughly means you will be taking home £950 per month.

    Hope this helps


  14. Just a wild guess, but maybe he joined up after you.
  15. The £75 was back pay,and we also got £25 a fortnight.
  16. thanks supermario, that helped alot :) and thanks guzzler i see what u mean now!
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    New Entry Rate of Pay £1084.41 (Gross per month). £13013 (Gross per annum)

    After 26 Weeks £1352.25 (Gross per month). £16227 (Gross per annum)


    Food Charge £3.89(Daily) £116.70 (30 day month)

    Accommodation Charge £0.57 (Daily) £17.10 (30 day month)

    Council Tax £0.08 (Daily) £2.40 (30 day month)

    The average monthly pay for a single New Entrant after stoppages (Tax, National Insurance, food, accommodation and Council Tax) is approximately £770.00. It is stressed that this is an approximate figure and will vary between individuals.
  18. I *ahem* couldn't have put it better myself NS 8)
  19. ...same back pay. We probably pi$$ed in the same pot!
  20. I have searched but can not find the answer, if this is a recurring question I apologise.

    When in phase 2 and/or submarine school in my case, do you get weekends free to travel home if you wanted to or are you confined to base? I know we get the weekend between phases 1 & 2 off but I'd just like to know if apart from that weekend Im away for 14 months straight.

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