When exactly does re-settlement start?


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I know that this topic has been run hundreds of times before, but I got less than 4 years left til time done (will refuse 2OE if offered)
Looking forward to resettlement but even with the vast amount of stuff out there, no one can give me a difinitive answer on it as they all say "why are you thinking of leaving when 2OE is in the bag?" Main reason is I have done my time, getting married next year (less than 3 to go for 22) and the future wife and I want a family and I want to be there for all of it
When does my resettlement entitlement start? I ask different people and get different answers.
Know some old and bold will say ask the UPO, but I have and they are very vague :(
It's a while since I was a DO but the initial interview and planning was supposed to take place at the two year point, then the courses and the like start at the one year point.

In the meantime I'd suggest making best use of the official courses to load your CV before you have to start using your resettlement allowance. The Abbey Wood training centre (now part of the Defence Academy) do PRINCE2, Project Management, Risk Management and various commercial courses that are worth getting onto if you can. If you leave it til resettlement then it'll kill off your budget to do them.
You can start resettlement 2 years before your terminal date. It might be stating the obvious, but consider early what you want to do and try and tailor the available courses to suit. This is the Career Transition Partnership's website, have a look at the core workshop and vocational training/RTC courses to give yourself an idea of what's available. It's worth having a word with your appointer/waterfront manning ASAP to try and get a shore job in one of the main naval bases during your final 24 months to allow you to make the most of the available facilities. There's nothing worse than not being able to attend a specific course which may be vital to your future civilian career and you're stuck at sea and they won't release you because "you can't be spared". Believe me, they will pull that one if they can get away with it. It happened to me on one occasion, and I was shoreside. Then again, I was working with the army and they can be a bunch of **** cnuts.

Having done your time, you will be entitled to 7 weeks resettlement, although you will only receive approx £534 of funding which doesn't buy you a lot in the way of courses, typically four weeks worth, but again, dependant on the types of courses you wish to do. Once the initial funding has been used you will still be able to do other courses, but as a standby and the costs you will have to fund yourself, although the costs won't be excessive and certainly fairly good value.

Courses are held around the country but most are at Aldershot. One thing to note, you will be able to use hotels, not army accommodation at Aldershot, and you will be able to reclaim the costs through JPA, including travel warrants and daily subsistance.

One other thing to note, the time will go very quickly from now on and if you're not careful you may find yourself within your last 12 months having done little or no preperation.

PM me if you need any further information.