When does HMS Daring enter the fleet?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by alex123, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Also, who gets to go on the Type 45's?

    Is there possibility of me joining up and getting a type 45 as my first ship?
  2. I think she's due to be commissioned in July this year
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    From NBC(P):

    HMS DARING will conduct her first entry into Portsmouth Naval Base on 28 Jan 09...

    ...[This] is a high profile media event focussing on the First Entry into Portsmouth involving a cross section of VVIPs, VIPs and family attendance. The programme begins on 27 Jan 09 with an overnight passage from Guernsey with a small media group and minders embarked. On the morning of 28 Jan 09 HMS DARING will anchor at Spithead, then, weather allowing, a number of boat transfers will take place... Following a brief tour of the ship a Press Conference will be held with the VVIP panel.

    HMS DARING will enter Portsmouth to a Gun Salute and a Fly Past, then berth at Victory Jetty to be met by additional VIPs and families and friends. As part of this it is proposed to invite local MPs; (Mike Hancock MP (Lib Dem) Portsmouth South, Sarah McCarthy-Fry (Lab) Portsmouth North, Sir Peter Viggers MP (Con) Gosport) and local dignitaries including the Chief Executive and Leader of Portsmouth City Council and the Dean of Portsmouth Cathedral to join the Naval Base Commander, initially for lunch at Spithead House and then to Victory Jetty to welcome the ship to the Naval Base - this will include a tour of the ship...

    ...For the duration of HMS DARING’s time at anchor an MDP launch will provide a presence patrol and be available for immediate response to any incident.
  4. What's a WIP?
  5. Am I correct in assuming that these ships are not owned by the Royal Navy, but are loaned to them? ie Civilian Crews deliver them, Jolly Jack borrows them, then they are handed back to the Civvies? I think that we have been down this path before. I know this to be the case, we do not have a Navy anymore then?
  6. Yes, there is a possibility of you getting a type 45 as your first ship.

    Is it likely? Not really when you consider the number of ratings joining the navy (let alone those already serving) and the few number of billets available onboard for each trade.
  7. Hmmm, so they are doing a fly past then??? Thought that wasn't allowed anymore vis a vis Illustrious last year?

    Or are they allowed when it's appropriate?
  8. The NEW OPV's on fish aren't owned by the RN.
  9. The NEW OPV's on fish aren't owned by the RN

  10. The River Class OPV's are leased by the RN from the builders with the option to buy, return or lease for a furher period at the end of the contract.
  11. VVIP?

    Are they Very Very important people?
  12. Ah, probably. I read it as a 'dubya'
  13. Sorry for sounding stupid but what's a MDP?

    Is that a police launch?
  14. Ministry of Defence Police.

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