When do women with curves cross the line.....

I've recently noticed over the few months as I transfered my self from a mega fat b*stard towards a more healthier machine and a fatist, more and more women talking they're happier with themselves they've got curves.

However my definition of a woman with curves is someone like Holly Willoughby

Not someone of this size

This isn't a dig at anyone on here. I'm more curious where the line of curves becomes just a fat cnut.
My ex was a skinny

Fekin cud chewing, yoga doing, laughter lacking, moisture missing, soul destroying kunt.

Big birds are way more dirty and will generaly treat you to a burger after a session.
Curvy women should be rendered and turned into my soap.

Edited to add:

Brazilian women are curvy. They have muscles on their buttocks from energetic sex and dancing, not cottage cheese arses made from take-aways and pink wine.
When 'Jack' refers to her as a 'Fat Fukc'....opposed to a 'Voluptuously curvy Fukc'....simples innit.... 8)

Having said that...had one lady of my past acquaint refer to herself as 'voluptuously curvy'....when in fact she was just plain fat. How you deal with that depends on how badly you want to shag it...well, I was getting pretty desperate so voluptuous it was..though in truth the blow jobs swung it for me....again, simples innit.... :D
When do women with curves cross the line?

About 5 minutes before the rest of the ship's company depending if there a 14, 16, or 18.
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