When do i get a date


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Hey guys

I have got a date for my selection interview. I was just wondering will i get a joining date at that interview or will it be after everything else. Last time i joined up the interview was last and i got it then.

Cheers in advance


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Depends what trade you are going for some people wait two to three years like myself going for a warfare specialist it's about two years till you get a joining date I'm just over 12 months in. Could be sooner if people drop out etc or the need of demand in a particular branch


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Sorry i may not have worded the question right. I know my wait is around 12 months. I meant when will i get a confirmed date? When i joined last time the interview was the end of the process so once they had told me i had passed they told me the date id be going. Does this still happen at the interview or is it at a different stage.


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It would help if you gave more details. It is unlikely a specific start date can be given immediately after interview unless you are joining a specific branch that only have one or two intakes a year.

If you are rejoining your original branch as a trained rating then re-entries are once a month.

If you are rejoining in your original branch, starting from scratch, then the wait for entry usually starts from the granting of approval to process (ATP) if your recruiting test is still valid and there are no delays at medical, etc.

If you are rejoining but need to sit the test again, then you are usually advised of an entry date after passing test, interview, medical & PJFT about 6 to 9 months ahead of your provisional start date.

If you are rejoining as a part-trained re-entrant, ie: not repeating Initial Naval Training (INT) but going straight into phase two, as soon as a vacancy occurs (usually by someone failing INT) you could be joining at relatively short notice with only 1-9 weeks notice.


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Thanks for the info.

I am going back in as an ETME(SM) and starting from scratch. All my RT tests are in date and my ATP has come back all fine. Guessing ill just have to wait until i have done my PJFT and medical to get a date then. Just wasn't sure on how it had changed because last time i did them before the interview.

A little off subject but is there normally a long wait between interview and PJFT/Medicals? And i think i'm right in thinking that will also have to go to do my PRNC again aswell.

Cheers again


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Generally, if you get your eyetest cracked & medical questionnaire completed & returned, most AFCOs can get a medical appointment in around 4-6 weeks. After that's passed, 28 days to pass the PJFT.
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