When do I find out where I will be based?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ANDY_224, Oct 1, 2011.

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  1. Hey all, got my start date for raleigh 27th Nov can't wait to get going! Was wondering though if anyone on here could shed some light on how soon will I know where I am going to be based after phase 2? and when do I give my prefferences? cheers ppl
  2. No offence to you mate and I wish you well in your career. I just don't get it your just starting and lots of people were notified of their redundancy yesterday. It doesn't make sense to me....
  3. You will make your preferences during training and will find out which unit you will join sometime in the later stages of phase two training.
  4. What trade?

    I can tell you that currently as AET you make your preference at the very beginning of phase 2a and are told what you will be doing near the end of 2a (24 weeks) then you disappear off to a squadron for a few weeks before coming back to phase 2b for 20 weeks. Thing is the navy can and probably does change its mind depending on manning and requirements of the service. Nothing is guaranteed.
  5. Writers find out a week before the end of phase 2.

  6. Redundancy is getting rid of posts, and reducing numbers in certain branches down to the perceived level for the future - it is not just the process of getting rid of 5,000 people. As we grow our people from the bottom ranks and train them from scratch, rather than employing folk directly into more senior posts on the trained strength, we need to keep the recruiting tap on, albeit more slowly at present.
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  7. So if you don't recruit sprogs who will fill the gaps of those above when they get promoted and leave gap below them?? Seriously did you think no one will naturally leave and therefore leave a gap??


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  8. Joining as an MA, but I'm assuming that will be the same process? Happy enough to go wherever I'm told, just will be helpfull to know a bit in advance as the missus is applying to university so she's been in my ear about what area she should apply to.
    appreciate the advice guys!
  9. Surely the university depends upon what degree she is going to do - not where her current boyfriend lives?
  10. we're married so it's a bit of both to be honest mate. She is applying for a nursing degree so it will limit her also as to where she can apply, worst case she will just have to commute. Will make life easier though when we know where I will be based so we can plan it out.

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